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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hi OUTLAW!

    Commenting yet? I did at the Watchtower Study several weeks ago. Men with beards can comment!

    For you et al. BTW, I attended a KH in Manhattan that fits what I read here. Very scary:

    The binding, restricting effect that this concern for organizational submission can have on person's minds was illustrated to me by an experience related by Robert Lang, then the assistant Bethel Home Overseer at the international headquarters. He had been transferred to a different congregation in the New York city area and he said that at one of the first meetings he attended there the elders approached him for advice. It seems that a young woman, the sister of one of the ministerial servants, was disfellowshiped and was still attending meetings. She had a small baby and brought it with her to the Kingdom Hall in a baby carriage. The Hall itself was on the second story of a building and the stairs were long and steep. The young woman would back up the stairs, pulling the baby carriage - with the baby in it - up the stairs as she went. The question the elders asked was whether it would be proper for the disfellowshiped woman's brother to assist her in getting up the stairs! Some thought so, others said, no, being disfellowshiped she should be considered as if she were not even there. To his credit, Lang said, "I don't know what the rule is on this, I only know one thing: if I'm around when she starts pulling that carriage up the stairs, I'm going to help her! When I think of what could happen if she were to stumble and lose control of the carriage ....'

    The most frightening thing about this is that adult men did not feel they could be guided by their own hearts and minds in a circumstance so obviously calling for human kindness. [italics: mine] The pressing concern for them was - not the danger to the infant's life - but WHAT THE ORGANIZATION POLICY ALLOWED in such cases [emphasis: RF]. They gave evidence of having become emasculated men in matters of ethics, of right and wrong.

    Franz concludes by stating that Robert Lang was for him "the kind of person he was, not because of the organization, but in spite of the organization."

    IN SEARCH OF CHRISTIAN FREEDOM, Ray Franz, pp. 404, 405.


  • Satanus

    " Was forbidden to answer at the meetings I wasn`t going to.."

    That came from the god of stupid, through his stupid spirit.



    [email protected]!!..

    I have`nt been to a Kingdom Hall in Decades..

    When I meet JW`s I speak my mind..

    They always wonder how I know so much about them..

    It drives them Crazy..LOL!!..



    The stupid shit I`ve seen is.....Well.....Stupid.....LOL!!..

    Before anyone becomes a JW Elder..

    They should be sent to a Doctor,to see if there is any Brain Activity..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    What are you complaining about?
    You said, "Stay Alive 'Til '75."
    And you DID, didn't you???

    In the year 1975.

    If JW's are still alive.

    No others will survive.


    Think About It

  • shamus100

    I agree -

    You're all being very hurtful to the mentally challenged. Where else can some asshole in a cheap suit feel like the king of the world? ;D

  • jam

    No unnatural sex acts in the bed room. What,s unnatural?

  • shamus100

    Give me a kiss on the lips and I'll show you something unnatural... ;D

  • Listener

    Outlaw wrote Actual One Liners from Bethel..

    "Theres the Right way,the Wrong way and the Bethel Way"..

    "If theres a Harder way to do something..We`ll find it!".

    "If you find a better way to do something..We don`t want to hear about it"..

    "50% of the Bethel Staff..Is here to test the other 50%"..

    Also - What happens in Bethel stays in Bethel.

    The light bulb just went off and it shouldn't be surprising if this is happening in the Org. You could apply all those statements to the whole of JW Land.

  • ziddina

    Insanely stupid - or insanely hypocritical, and Bethel was too dense to see the irony...

    July 2009 Awake article - "Is It Wrong To Change Your Religion?"

  • dogon

    My fav. lines are from the people. They can be so blinded and do not under stand that there is a difference between idealistic and being a blind zealot. When I was at one meeting many years ago and they stopped the food service, one blind zealot answered the question of what can we do to make the new arrangement go better. She said "we can all just buckle down and not eat for a day at the assembly. " The elder Schroder who has never been known to pass a meal up nor his family and they show it, for the first time I have ever seen in all the years of knowing him put down a blind zealot. He told here that he was not going to go a day with out eating. I guess that stomach trumps zealot, at least with some.

    There was an idiot in Florida Arcadia when I lived there named Herron who raised his hand to answer the question of what we can do to help our children be good witnesses and said, "I told my kids even if they put a gun in your face you never renounce Jehovah. " It was funny because everyone knew he was running around drinking and sleeping around, he was not baptized and knew little to nothing about the cult. Dubbers are like a homeless shelter they attract some of the weirdest people I have ever known.

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