Special Assembly: CO admits the grip is tightning.....

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    "If God wanted Jehovah`s Witness`s to Think for Themselves"..

    "He would have given them a Brain!"..


    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • Hairyhegoat

    I would give them a hand grenade with thin pin out and throw both at the platform and run, lol


  • moshe

    off topic, but--Look at the puny handful of baptism candidates in the front two rows of Outlaw's picture- and most of them look like very mature adults.- no young adults to be seen.

  • moshe

    dbl post

  • baltar447

    moshe, I really don't think that's a saturday morning, because all other sessions those areas are for elderly.

  • jam

    Maybe the CO have Syphilis, that would explain his talk.

  • Snoozy

    Politicians and religious speakers, they are the only ones that can talk all day and not say a thing...

    Would that mean they are full of hot air?


  • truman

    I just listened to the section where the speaker condemns college as worthless for getting a job. Wow! It seems to me that he is being very, sneaky about what he is saying there. He says that in 2009, only 19.7% of college grads in the U.S. “got a job.” The other 80% are, according to him, “flipping burgers.” Is that not a job? Maybe not a great one, but it is a job.

    He betrays his duplicity in his own words when he throws away this quick qualification for his statistics: “in their field.” It seems he is trying to take a stat that shows many college grads not finding employment in their fields and paint all these people as completely unemployed.

    Furthermore, he words his diatribe in such a way that it seems to apply to ALL college graduates in the U.S. in 2009, not just those who graduated that year. And where is his evidence for the mass hiring of college graduates by MacDonald’s and Burger King to flip their burgers? The whole speech is a mass of deceitful rhetoric full of logical fallacies and misinformation.

    As for me, I am a person who graduated with a BA in 2009, and I am employed in my field—part time, but that is because I am in graduate school working on my master’s degree. When I finish it, I expect to be able to find the level of work I want in my field. And I am an English major.

  • baltar447

    itsacult, they only have baptism on the saturday am session. All other times that's designated seating for the elderly.

  • Mary

    Here's what Outlaw's picture should really say:

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