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    It was one of my key motivations to get out NOW before my kid's too far along in indoctrination. I was a teenager in the 80s and as such, college was forbidden. When the Borg came out with their softened stance regarding higher education in the 90s I was PISSED. I have never gotten over that. Then, when the Borg began cracking down on college again, I saw that my child was likely to go through the same thing I did unless I got her out of the cult asap. Our children's future careers shouldn't be dependent on the whims of a handful of crackpots who have never worked a full-time job in their lives.

    This could have been written by my sister as she feels the exact same way. There's a significant age difference between her and myself. I asked her some time ago before I started lurking here whether or not she remembered convention talks that subliminally criticized marriage while at the same time encouraged pioneering during the 80's. I was a kid then, but I always seemed to remember that for some reason to this day. I figured she would have remembered this. What prompted me to ask the question was a discussion I had with my uber-brainwashed mother who firmly denies the WT ever discouraged marriage for pioneering either in printed word, or spoken from the platform. So the next time I saw and spoke with my sister I asked her. She remembered and verified it for me. It led to us conversing about other related matters such as education. She told me, "you had it better than we did. We couldn't even consider a two year college."

    Her and her husband both are doing pretty well for themselves, but she's expressed to me on more than one occasion that pioneering was a waste of time, and she did it for a good decade from what I remember. She's expressed gratitude toward my father who demanded that she stop pioneering back then, if only momentarily, in order to go school briefly so she would be able take care of herself. The part time job she had while pioneering was insufficient for life's necessities. My dad worked hard to make sure we weren't raised in the projects. He viewed her pioneering and part time work as building a future towards the projects or similar. She went through a crash course that got her better part time employment, and then she pioneered for some time afterwards. Eventually she saw the futility in pioneering, and started working full time, and she got married. When she stated that my generation of JWs had it better than her generation, she was speaking on the laxing of anti-college sentiments when I was a teenager. Like you said Mad Sweeny, they're tightening their grip again. The most recent assembly had a speaker liken those who pursue higher education to seeking a better cabin room on the Titanic.

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    convention talks that subliminally criticized marriage while at the same time encouraged pioneering during the

    [fill in the blank]. I remember that this was a CONSTANT, CONSTANT theme in EVERY assembly or convention I ever went to as a teenager, and that was in the '90s/early '00s. And it wasn't subliminal at my assemblies and conventions, it was overt.

    There was a picture in a recent publication, might've been "Live With Jehovah's Day in Mind", where the young JW is considering his future. On one side, he is rich, successful, and on a yacht sipping champagne with his wife. On the other side, he is alone, in field service. After I looked at it long enough, I realized that there was no woman with him on the other side. "Subtle," I thought. "They're implying that he's not married." I think I figured that out long before I even started asking questions about the religion. I always hated the way they put down an establishment that was supposedly a 'divine arrangement', marriage. Some of the elders looked like they were only married to their wives because they'd get in trouble if they divorced. I could sense it, for some reason.

    Gee, that reminds me of an entirely unrelated personal anecdote. I was friends with an elder's son--the whole family was supercharged, like they were one big JW energy drink--and I was visiting them at home one day. The elder was going out, like, 3 blocks away, to pick up some pizza. His son was going with him, and I'd wanted to stay there and wait for them to get back. The elder's wife was upstairs. The elder paused with a moment of suspicion, and then told his son to stay behind while he went to get the pizza. I was like, okay...what was that about? And then it occurred to me. Oh! In the time it takes him to drive 3 blocks, pick up the pizza and come back, his wife will presumably have rushed down the stairs and ripped my clothes off in a heat of immoral passion and he'll walk in on it! What was I thinking?!

    If true Christians who have no romantic attraction at all can't be alone for 5 minutes in the same house without committing fornication, obviously the training isn't going very well.

    Anyway, I never really gave thought to pioneering myself, beyond auxiliary pioneering, since it seemed like all the pioneers were tired and busy with no time for themselves. How they even found time or energy to study was beyond me. Well, the 'self-abuse' problem, once the elders knew about it, kept me thoroughly disqualified from even auxiliary pioneering for the remainder of my stay in the cult. I guess it worked out. If I could keep my average around 7 or 8 hours a month it was a miracle.


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    It's difficult to know just how "official" this guy's comments were. I think we've all encountered Witnesses with a measure of seniority who tend to run off at the mouth with their own private interpretations. When I was first studying, an elder referred repeatedly to God using anti-matter after Armageddon to remove all the bodies and buildings. Others have similarly talked from the platform of their own wacky theories.

    It's possible that, since no one else seems to have heard this comment at a convention, this guy was getting carried away with his own sense of self-grandeur. "Jehovah is USING me right now!" Speakers like that probably do it with the certain knowledge that people will be talking about HIS talk for months.

    "Kingdom control" is a phrase the WTS would be trying very hard NOT to use. It's fascinating, and another indication of the bubble circuit and district overseers live in, but I don't think it indicates a trend. My view only, but many thanks for the recording.

  • hamsterbait

    Mr Monroe-

    The comment about antimatter being used after Armageddon comes from the book "The Nations shall know that I am Jehovah" -

    It uses the phrase in connection with how so few witlesses can clear away so many dead bodies with the phrase "be it antimatter or not."

    This book also states that the Great Tribulation WILL break out before the end of the 20th century, and that JWs act as "the mouthpiece of Jehovah, his PROPHET"

    Another book (now expunged from the CD) "Life Everlasting in the Freedom of the Sons of God" states that Christs Millennial reign will end in 2975. (in a chronological chart)

    Most of these "esoteric" statements can be traced to some detail in the litterature of the time. Like pharisees the speakers often grab some detail to back their own hobby horse.


  • familycomesfirst4

    To add to some of comments and quotes from the talk, here's a few more:

    **The thought he gives at the beginning about how "some have exploited the poor and called it the lottery. some have killed our unborn and called it choice." is taken almost word-for-word from a Reverend's famous public prayer.

    Here's the link: http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/prayernation.asp

    Some other interesting quotes with minute markers:

    9 min: "I look back 52 years & I have not been misled by Jehovah or His Organization"

    10 min: "You look at this well watered garden that we are having right now...this convention we had recently "Remain close to Jehovah"---did you count how many pieces of literature that was released at this convention? Six items we got!....When was the last time you remember receiving 6 pieces of releases at one convention?!"

    "Yes it's going to be like a well watered garden....the waters of which do not lie"

    26 min: "He [satan] is really going to use some undermining ways....Brothers don't let him do that"

    "here is one thing he will use: Independent Thinking".

    32 min: "There's another thing that Satan's coming up with & this is to you, young parents. This is the problem of higher education" "Would you risk your child's relationship with Jehovah for a college education?"

    ?? min: "If we do that [watch r-rated movies and violent entertainment] we are actually training ourselves to turn on individuals when the end comes. Would you want to do that?"

    ?? min: [Speaking of recent vampire shows/movies] "Is there a good vampire and bad vampire? A vampire's a vampire. Because vampire's drink blood, and blood is sacred" he then goes on further why you don't want any part of that.

    55 min: "As an organization we're gonna go through this system of things into Gods' righteous new world. And many of us will probably go through alive"

    59 min: [speaking of all active publishers] "Hold on, man. Hold on to the ship, brothers. Please don't leave."


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    ...DAMN this is good stuff. my thanks to all for contributing. it's as if my life has flashed before my eyes. i read ALL of the posts.

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    sd-7 - "And then it occurred to me. Oh! In the time it takes him to drive 3 blocks, pick up the pizza and come back, his wife will presumably have rushed down the stairs and ripped my clothes off in a heat of immoral passion and he'll walk in on it! What was I thinking?!"

    Either that, or concerned about how it might "appear" to whoever might (on the off chance) be watching.

    So, paranoid? Or shallow? Hmm....

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    Hamsterbait said

    ''Another book (now expunged from the CD) "Life Everlasting in the Freedom of the Sons of God" states that Christs Millennial reign will end in 2975. (in a chronological chart)''

    I've never heard of that one before. Sounds good

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    And of course there is no sight of DAVID17... what happened boo boo did you do a hit and run and you cant face the facts....

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