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  • Watchtowers Witnesses
    Watchtowers Witnesses

    If you've seen demons or "magical" spirit creatures, seek help. Seriously. Mental institutions are full of people who just like you, have seen the demunz.

  • jookbeard

    like that Soldier 77, I've always wanted even the tiniest piece of evidence, and Satan must have a place where he chills out, where is it?

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    Lion Cask wrote : Bollocks. The stuff done in those videos is cheap magic. Notice how you aren't afforded a good look at the bottom of the bucket? My theory: tape a mousetrap to the bottom of the bucket and spray paint it all black to blend in with the colour of the bucket. Soak a large iodine chrystal in ammonia, jamb it in the trigger mechanism,, set the trigger, gently put a little bit of water in the bucket and wait a couple of minutes for the ammonia to flash off. What's left is an unstable crystal that explodes, triggering the moustrap that flips the bucket onto its side and spills its contents. Voila. Instant poltergeist. High school chemistry and physics, but there will be a number of different approaches to essentially the same problem: how to get a bucket to tip over predictably without using strings. Tell him to do the experiment over again with a full bucket of water and a white bucket, and show us the bottom. That would be more difficult to do (but still doable with a little more sophistication).

    Agreed, on close examination these videos I posted are fake, and others are questionable, the internet is filled with fake junk, convincing is hard lol.

    Well there is this very famous account which happened some time back, if this wont convince you nothing will. There are other good documentaries put people have said them to be fake or the person simply had mental problems, not this one, this proves that the person did things beyond science can explain and it was demons and not ghosts spirits jinns etc.

    Watch all parts, it doesn't sound very convincing at first but it gets better.

    There are other documentaries about the same Enfield poltergeist but this one is the better and original, the actual people involved are included

  • heathen

    Now that sounded like a very credible account . The other ones could easily be faked which of course is a common thing since so called psychics and such love to exploit people over it and I believe they belong in the nut house . Whenever you have public officials with allot to lose discussing this type of thing , I think it's more believable .

  • truthseeker

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