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  • leavingwt

    Here's one "spirit" that I've personally seen with my own eyes.

  • leavingwt

    In my short years on the planet, I've only met two groups of people who fear demons: JWs and some ex-JWs.

  • leavingwt

    Help is available. . .

    People who feel prone to magical thinking will be very impressionable, and they will be prime candidates for the phobia when stories of spells, black candles, Satanism, and pentacles are told. Often, today’s crime programs and true crime novels focus on deviant behavior that includes sacrifices and demonology: Criminal Minds is one example of this.

    Panic treatment, psychotherapy, and education are the best weapons against “demons” and the fears they cause. Any physical symptoms, such as dizziness or headaches, may be eased by treatment that gets at the root of fears and provides a catharsis.

  • sinis

    Hahaha, good one. It is interesting that in my path I have no fear. I actually find it fascinating. I have seen the unbelievable on a couple of occasions, and will just leave it at that...

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    Sure test for the existence of demons. Strip naked and yell the following at the top of your voice:

    "Here I am, demons! Come and get me, you slimy muhfuhs. Heeeeeere I am! C'mon you bunch of pussies! Come and get it! Here I am! I'm waiting for you to have my way with me. Do it! Do it now!!! C'mon you (insert really insulting adjective, here) demons!! etc. etc."

    Repeat the sentiment as much as you wish, or until you collapse with fatigue. No demons will come, I guarantee you. A van equipped with padded walls and nice men dressed in white might show up, perhaps, but no demons.

    And leavingwt, what you really need to try is Demon Rum.

  • Watchtowers Witnesses
    Watchtowers Witnesses

    I find it somewhat pathetic that in the 21 st century many people continue to believe in folk magic and primitive superstitions. There are no demons, it’s all in your imagination. Satan is no more real than Zeus, Poseidon, or Krishna. “Demon Possession” was a sweeping diagnosis made in the past to describes sufferers of mental illness.

    It is obvious you have never witnessed the other side personally with a RASH, LOGICAL and OPEN mind. I have, and it is quite interesting, for lack of a better word... I'm not talking self delusional feelings of something happening, I'm talking the real deal. All I know is the experience, scared the holy shit out of my animals while the ceremony was proceeding...

    I’m glad that you’re willing to discuss this subject from a rash, logical perspective. What exactly has happened during your “ceremonies”? What type of rituals are you performing to see this spirit world? Were you consuming any mind altering substances? Did you actually experience any visual or auditory hallucinations or what it just a “feeling” that you experienced. Do you have any history of mental illness in you family? I’m not trying to insult, but for the sake of a logical discussion I think you need to honestly address the subject of a family history of mental illness.

  • Violia

    wow this thread has really brought out posters that I have never heard from before. I knew there was a group of us who believe in the spirit world.

    I want to make it clear I do not live in fear of demons. I believe a spirit world exists. The 2 things I personally witnessed were enough to make me believe. There have been other things that have happened. Some of them were witnessed by more than me by myself.

    However as I said, I have all kinds of stuff here at my home and not being bothered.

  • BadCompanysGal

    Cults depend on fear to control people. This is one of many fear tactics used by the JWs and Christianity in general.

    I disassociated myself about 20 years ago. I began to examine the jw religion more deeply and researched other, older paths. My husband at the time who was raised a j.w. (we will call him "Bad Company") got really scared. He would not allow me to have any books on ancient pagan theories in the house. I actually had to keep them in the garage. He was absolutely convinced just having the literature in the house would surely bring demons upon his family and we would all probably die. As I continued to study other belief systems and the positive things about them he realized there was nothing to fear (except cults).

    In my opinion there are nice, protective, loving people in the world and obviously there are mean, evil, sickos and every degree in between. They exist in our every day lives and they exist on the other side as well. Why would a soul change just because they have passed over? I do not believe in "demons". I have experienced both positive and negative energies over the years. I will give you examples of both:

    I live in the family farm house that was built by my great grandfather in the 1920's. At least two people have died in this house (peacefully). My great uncle and Grandmother are regulars here. I've seen them, my children have seen them and friends have seen them. I see things move, see white balls of light dancing on the walls, hear things fall, things go missing and reappear (Grandma had a good sense of humor), etc. It's not scary, it's comforting. It's a loving and fun energy. Are they really here or is it simply energy left over like a fingerprint? Can't say but it doesn't matter because it's a positive presence.

    On the flip side.... I've dealt with someone from the other side that picked on one of my kids when she was young, threw a smoke detector and a belt at my son and someone grabbed my foot (which is a huge freak out for me). I saw evidence that a friend dealt with someone very dark as well. Again, I do not believe this was a case of "demons" but probably more of left over energy of someone not so nice.

    For me personally, I do not believe the bible was inspired by a god. I believe it is a compilation of mythology and generations of stories (read "The Jesus Mysteries") created by man. Demons are christian entities. I do not believe in the christian god, I do not believe in the christian devil, I do not believe in a physical hell nor do I believe there is a christian heaven that only "good" people get to go to. Therefore it is impossible for demons to exist.

    You have been scared out of your mind by being taught as a child that demons are "gonna get'cha". As an adult you can rationalize they do not exist but the fact remains you are afraid. It's been instilled in you and has become a part of you and that in itself makes them real. I almost drowned when I was young because my mother drank and though it was hilarious to hold my head under water. So, guess what.... I'm afraid of water. It's the same issue for you. In contrast, I have raised my 3 children that this is not paranormal but normal. They are not afraid, they will speak aloud to energies they encounter and now they have great confidence in the entire world around them.

    I agree 100% with Bad Company's post: " Just like the real world there are good ones and bad ones. Bad ones can be dealt with (knowledge and courage required). Good ones are your friends whether you accept it or not. Open up, you might find some friends. "

    The veil between the worlds is a thin one. There is much more light than dark so do not live in fear. Do your research, open up and enjoy the positive energy that surrounds us everyday.

  • lalaa

    7 years ago when I still lived with my family we lived out in the country. From day one when we moved out there my mom and sister (JW's at the time) always heard stuff and saw things. The only time I was bothered was in my sleep. I always had terrible nightmares that I couldn't explain. These were scary demonic nightmares that scared the crap out of me.

    When I moved out on my own the nightmares stopped.

    Also..when I was still living there I heard a knock (really loud) that was at my window, then the other side of my room that went all around the house. This happened at night and scared the living crap out of me because our home was gated with 3 huge dogs that would bark at anything and anyone. Since they were silent that scared me even more.

    I've never been scared of demons....I just don't like it when they showed up in my dreams.

  • Violia


    you said that so well. The veil between the worlds is thin. I also think that some folks are just more in tune with their energy .

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