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  • thetrueone

    Fear is a prominent controlling factor that gets utilized by the WTS. in a very big way.

    Such as just about everything outside of the JWS organization is controlled or under Satan and he wants

    to take over people to be under his evil control. The WTS. is just one example how fear can be infused into people minds as an

    deliberate and intensional way to control people and for self empowerment.

    By the way the You tube video is a hoax, those cups and things flying mysteriously across rooms are done by people attaching

    partially invisible wire like fishing string, then pulling it, making it look like nothing was around the item.

    Kids + video cameras + Youtube = ghosts

  • Spectre

    I remember hearing a bunch of demon stories that made the rounds and falling for them hook, line and sinker. Later on when watching tv I found out they were just ancient Twilight Zone stories.

  • Soldier77

    I don't fear demons. If they are around, which I'm sure they are, they have bigger fish to fry than me. I mean, seriously, they were once angels or something to that effect right? I'm interested in asking them the truth about the whole 'challenge' that Satan made against Jehovah. What really happened etc. I mean the truth from a demon is the same as truth from an angel. Truth is truth!

    But yeah, heard a lot of 'demunz' stories growing up, to me it was all superstition. Maybe they don't mess with me because they don't see me needing to be converted to seeing the truth about this world.

    Who knows, I don't care, I'm not afraid of Jehovah, Satan, his cohorts or anything mystical. If they want to tell me something, they should just come out and say it.

  • jamiebowers

    The Watchtower instills fear of demons to distract the rank and file from the true evil in the organization like cover ups of child molestation and domestic violence and senseless deaths due to the ban on blood.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I was terrified of the dark because of the demunz. Satan is a lover of darkness, they said.

    My parents never made the connection between my fear and the family Bible studies.

    The thing that got me was when I said that if you quit the truth and are not attacked by demons, then you can't be under Satan's influence.

    They said that the very fact of a person leaving the truth is proof of demon attack, the lack of love for Jehovah.

    That one always made me go ummm...

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    Once again my comments are ignored lol

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Joey, you implied in your posts that you don't want to talk about it. So, why bother asking you any further questions if you don't want to discuss the details?

  • orangefatcat
    0ver the years on this forum I have discussed my mothers deep involvment with the demons, and really don't wish to rehash all of it again. Only to say this, that the more you speak about the demons the more you take away from the subject of our Lord Jesus and His great authority over the ruler of this world. One thing is for certain the more you fear them the more they will harass you and if you use the name of our Lord Jesus Christ they will flee from you. Just as when Christ expelled the demons from a man and put them into a herd of swine and they all jumped off of a cliff they know the very power of Christ. They said to HIM, 'It is not our time', so the demons are well aware of he fact that they are on borrowed time. And a bit of sage advice I wouldn't taunt them if I were you in any way shape or form because if you do look out they are going to be all over you like an alien...


    this earth
  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    Demons are as real as you and me.

    I do not fear them.

  • Heaven

    What you focus on expands, becomes bigger and enters your life.

    I used to suffer from night terrors. It was when I realized that religion has been lying to us all for centuries and I stopped focusing on the demons that they disappeared 100% from my life. I no longer suffer from night terrors.

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