Does your Cat want to sit on your Lap while you are on the Toilet .....?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    St George that looks exactly like my cat - same shade of orange and size

    Both my cats (the other was a really stupid but cuddly and lovable Maine Coon) knew when I got hurt and would lick sores and pains. They have studied dogs who do this but I don't know if studies have been done on cats who are much smarter than dogs.

    My orange tabby could bark like a dog and the Maine Coon knew how to climb up on the counter, open the cabinet door, push cans aside and find the plastic container of catnip at the back, pull it out with his paw without dropping any of the cans and get the container onto the floor and open it with his teeth. He was one huge single-minded cat - if it went in his stomach he would find a way to get it. Mind you if I gave him his catnip in a bowl he would turn the bowl over and spill the catnip on the floor and roll in it and then try to put the bowl on his head.

    I miss my cats so much

  • Violia

    I used the expression "healing cats" or therapy cats. Both mine ( from previous post on this thread) did this after my big back surgery in 06. They stayed with me day and night until I was better. They would walk me to the bathroom, eg, take few steps in front of me, stop, wait for me, then continue. If I am sad they will lay on me as I lay in bed. or stay near me. I did have to stop them from hanging out near the computer due to the hair. Animals are so wonderful.

  • jamiebowers

    My husband and I each have a cat. His cat goes everywhere with him, and mine with me...even in the bathroom. My cat sits right outside the shower and waits for me to get out. They both stay with us when we're sick, and my cat gets right in my face and looks me directly in the eyes if I'm crying, which is unusual, because cats generally don' like eye contact. My dear old cat Puss Puss, who went to kitty heaven not long ago, could feel my menstrual cramps. She would put her head close to my abdomen and tilt her head like she was listening to something. Then she would lay where it hurt the most.

  • flipper

    Wow ! Had to work all night last night- didn't get back until this morning. Looks like we have lots of kitty lovers here on the board ! Great ! And it really surprised me that SO MANY of you have these bathroom experiences ! It's crazy ! Our 2 cats sleep with my wife & me also. One near my feet, the other up near our shoulders ! But I draw the line sleeping on my head - I don't want to inhale furr into my mouth or nostrils ! LOL ! Thanks for all the cool pictures & replies

  • Snoozy

    The problem is they get on your neck when you are sleeping!

    One did that to my hubby and he woke up with the cat laying across his neck over his windpipe..the cat went flying!

    I don't trust cats in the bedroom since then.


  • Joshinaz

    My cat waits for me to flush so she can drink out of the bowl. Not so much as sitting on my lap while I'm going though. I guess if she did she would just be trying to read SkyMall magazine with me.

  • loosie

    My flame point siamese love to watch me take a bath. If the bathroom door is closed he will meow until it's opened. He will even drink my bath water... he worships me.

  • asilentone

    Solution: Put mint in the bathroom, cats hate the smell of it. I googled for a solution for you.

    P.S. I have never owned a cat.

  • Butterflyleia85

    My cat... well actually my hubbie's cat acts like she does because she gets on the counter that is right next to the toilet and stares at me while I'm peeing making a loud purring sound! God that cat is so innoying and she likes to rub on my legs while i'm sitting on there too. I make sure I have my elbows on my lap so she wont! Maybe it's me being the dog person but this cat is so so so innoying!

  • RubaDub


    I have found the fur of a cat is better than toilet paper.

    Rub a Dub

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