Does your Cat want to sit on your Lap while you are on the Toilet .....?

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    Band on the Run

    OUr fox terrier used to cry so hard to enter the bathroom. She licked the soapsuds off your body. It wasn't little puppy licks, but tongue way out and long strokes. The cat or dog doesn't know human taboos. IMO, the people are weird for not setting boundaries. The NYT or someplace had an article about sleeping with pets. Rascal would stretch to the nth on the bed. I was down to a sliver less than a twin. Was Rascal at fault or was I? Once I was very annoyed. She was splayed horizontally. I woke up and grabbed her body and pulled her into a vertical positon. As soon as I resumed my previous position, Rascal turned horizontally again.

    I miss her so much!

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    Mr. Flipper,

    I had to lock the door today. When I did that, I saw two large paws under the bathroom door trying to lift the door open. I just had to laugh at that cuz cats are clever. Dangit! There is no tissue in the bathroom again.

  • flipper

    It's amazing how cats and dogs want to be with us every moment. They are great little companions. However- I draw the line at what our 95 lb. 14 yr.old labrador retriever is doing at present. She lays next to our bed at night on the floor and takes massive , huge steaming turds in her sleep in the morning before waking up ! She apparently can't wake herself up in time and we wake up to this gut wrenching stench a couple times a week. This is definitely one dog you wouldn't want sitting in your lap ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Violia


    I think all this is the animal connecting with us on a very primal level. You know animals sniff each others behinds to get acquainted, maybe they just want to get acquainted with us and the bathroom is their way. ( hi, lets be friends, what's your sign? maybe that is their way of saying that.

  • saltyoldlady

    Hi Flipper - I have tons of cat stories having had many many cats over the years. And yes - some of them have tried this but I have no patience with such so they soon learned to skip that procedure with me. I suspect it is one of the few times they catch us sitting down for any length of time.

    But I also had the cat's litter box in the bathroom and it got so my last cat, Fluffy - a big old longhaired orange tom - generic looking cat with the white nose, would come and use his litter box while I was using mine. Kind of a routine - if I thought it was time to do the bathroom thing he thought so too. And he covered while I flushed - totally synchronized. Now that's togetherness. LOL.

    Another cat I called Peter - a Snowshoe Siamese and a real character - brought a mouse in the house to play with. Then when he tired of his play thing he deposited him in the bathtub as the creature's playpen and yes the mouse was still very much alive. When I came in the bathroom I was sure of how the creature had gotten there but not sure of which cat was guilty - the poor little mouse was totally unable to escape the steep shiny walls. Well I can't bear killing little creatures nor watching the cats torment them so I got myself a paper bag to catch him and deposit him back outside. When I had successfully finished the task Peter showed up and showed his disappointment at my lack of appreciation - there was no missing the fact the mouse had been his personal trophy and he also let me know what he thought of my unjust robbery as only a Siamese can talk in that nasal twang.

    Then another cat I had called Cubber Cubs - brother of Fluffy - they both came to me when tiny kittens - their mother brought them up the hill into my yard and moved them in with my other cats - her brother was Peter - came into the bathroom just as the water was emptying out the drain from my bath. He jumped up on the edge and I thought to myself he is very likely to slip right into the water and not like it but before I could do anything about it - he had jumped right in - the water was only about 2 inches deep but it came up to his bellyand instead of being afraid he just plodded right down to the drain to watch what was going on. I guess he was fascinated with the gurgling sound and wondered what sort of creature purred like that. He was so funny as he kept twisting his head round and round with the water swirling trying to see down into the drain. And ever after he was easy to give a bath - he had very little fear of the water and would just stand there patiently while I sudsed him up and rinsed him off. Amazing cat and he looked just identical to St. George's orange tabby above.

  • flipper

    VIOLIA- You might be on to something there. I've caught my 3 year old female labrador sniffing MY behind after getting out of the shower before walking in the hallway ! What the hell ? Did she think I don't clean GOOD enough for her ? Very disconcerting . I put my hand up to block her long nose. I can be friends just fine without my pet sniffing my a$$ - thank you very much ! LOL !

    SALTYOLDLADY- Sounds like you have had some pretty entertaining cats ! Funny experiences ! My wife & I had a cat who used to bring us those animal " gifts " like your cat did the mouse. We had an orange tabby cat who was quite the hunter. He'd bring into our kitchen & bathroom from the forest gray squirrels , snakes, mice, birds, lizards. Anything he felt would be a good meal to bat around - he'd bring it. I can't even remember how many wild animals lives we saved just taking them from this cat ! Hilarious

  • PublishingCult

    This is Mariska Hargetay. She is our home's bathroom monitor. She does not want to sit on my lap when going #2, but she does rather emphatically insist on supervising our bathroom activity. I acquired Mariska from a friend when she was about a year old, as grown as you see in the pic below. The first day in our home, she jumped up onto the toilet bowl while I was peeing and stood between my stream and the water. I laughed so hard I was mopping up around the toilet just before she got her first bath.

  • sabastious

    My cat Leona loves to come in and get pets when I am in the bathroom. No jumping up though, fortunately.


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    You have a great looking kitty. It seems that our cats like to monitor our lives, even in the bathroom. I never knew that there were so many kitty bathroom monitors. Tough job. But somebody's gotta do it!

  • flipper

    SABASTIOUS- So you pet your kitty while sitting in the restroom ? LOL ! Oh, I mean your cat Leona . LOL !

    SLIPNSLIDE- I think Publishing Cults cat is pretty too- but not as pretty as Mariska Hartigay the human. She looks like my wife sort of ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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