Does your Cat want to sit on your Lap while you are on the Toilet .....?

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  • TotallyADD

    Dear saltyoldlade, I sure will let you all know when the big day comes. We have had that cat since it was 6 months old. My son found it wandering around in our neighborhood back in 1989. It had surgical stitches on its belly and was declawed. My wife called our vet to see if they did the procedure. They did and they gave us the address and phone number to the owners. When they came and got the cat my wife told them if they ever want to get rid of it we would love to have it. A few days later there was a knock on our door and the former owners ask if we would still like to have the cat? And my wife said absoultely. We have had her ever since. Our only big worry we have with her now is the big move coming up at the end of April. Hope she can with stand 1000 mile journey. All I know is she is the first one up to the feed bowl every morning. She is quite health for her age. Totally ADD

  • ziddina

    Aw, Totally ADD...

    All of my cats are rescues, too - and one of them is sitting on the keyboard, right now - watching me type around her and with one finger.....

    You might want to keep your kitties inside for a few weeks until they accept the new home - especially the older cat, if that cat lived only in that one house for her entire life...

  • flipper

    My wife Mrs. Flipper has attained her cats for years as rescues also even before I knew her. It certainly helps save the homeless kitties of the planet

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