What's the saddest movie you've ever seen?

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  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    I know this is cheating, but the final minutes of "Lost" was the most emotional thing I've ever seen on Television

    "To remember and to let go"


  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    When I was a kid I loved the movie Mighty Joe Young and I cried when he rescued the children from the burning orphanage. The remake wasn't the same as the one I loved made in 1949.

  • MsDucky
    No "Old Yeller"? No "Where The Red Fern Grows"? No "Marley and Me"?

    Those would be on my list. I'm still sleepy. I stayed up late last night; but three that come to mind:

    Imitation of Life

    The Departed

    Steel Magnolias

  • brotherdan

    The cove... I don't know if documentaries count as movies though... I was crying like a baby by the end. I think everyone should watch it and support the cause.


  • MsDucky

    What's eating Gilbert Grape

    Revolutionary Road

  • CuriousButterfly
    Shawshank Redemption had a few scenes I though were sad too. When Brooks got out and couldn't handle life on the outside, and then hung himself, I hated that.

    Same here, he finally got out and could not handle it after all those years behind bars.

  • MsDucky

    I guess, Leonardo Dicaprio makes me cry! He starred in the majority of the movies that I listed.

  • Mary

    Here's my list:

    1. Bridges of Madison County
    2. Titanic
    3. Steel Magnolias
    4. Ending of Lost
    5. Ghost
    6. Witness (I think that's one movie we can all relate to)
    7. Old Yeller
    8. Bambi
    9. Schindler's List
  • undercover
    I hated the end of Once Upon a Time in the West seeing Cheyenne dying. It shouldn't have ended like that.

    Well, Cheyenne was technically an outlaw. An outlaw with a good heart, but an outlaw. He was bound to come to a violent end.

    I think it was sadder to see the children getting killed at the beginning. Especially the little boy who came face to face with Frank (Henry Fonda).

    But the showdown between Frank and Harmonica (Charles Bronson) is one of the best Western showdowns in cinema history. It's classic.

  • truthseekeriam

    Stepmom for sure!! Always sends me into the ugly cry..


    I love this clip

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