What if JWs are right?!?

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    It would seem to me that God had played an unfair trick on all of us. How could he tell us after the fact (if they were right) that we should have trusted the Org and overlooked all the false prophecies all the bouncing back and forth on doctrine, the dishonest research, the sweeping under the rug of the pedophiles, the underhanded hypocrisy of joining the U.N.. The promotion of creature worship (The Governing Body). Condemning politics while they themselves are involved. The questionable blood doctrine. The manipulation of scripture to meet their own ends. Beth Sarim and the prophets. 1975, 607, 1925, 1914...and the list goes on and on

    It wouldnt be fair at all.

  • brotherdan

    Nicely said, Pyramid!

  • kurtbethel

    I would check the weather report.

    watchtower is right about something when hell freezes over

  • Ding

    The WTS berates "hellfire screechers" for frightening people into submission.

    Then they make sure JWs are constantly wondering if they have done enough to obtain Jehovah's approval so they won't be annihilated before, during, or after Armageddon.

  • elderelite

    What if I wake up and pizza, beer and the NFL are all gone, swept away by the big "A"?

    NVM, they are all here. Return to your normal lives.

  • ziddina

    Wait a minute...

    I'm confused....

    Have the Witnesses EVER been right about ANYthing - EVER?????

    I don't recall a single instance in which they've correctly interpreted bible prophecy...


  • mamalove

    Last summer I sat in a Coney Island eating lunch with my dad, and asked him the same question. His reply "Then it (life) was a damn good party while it lasted."

    I don't want to live forever if it means living as one of JW's. I will take eternal sleep. Then I don't know all the fun I am missing.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi BrotherDan,

    The "flying saucer cult" book to which you refer is "WHEN PROPHECY FAILS" by Festinger, Riecken, & Schachter © 1959.

    This is a very interesting book. The forward to the book tells us,

    "... All of the persons and places we mention have been given fictitious names and any resemblance between these names and those of actual people anywhere is unintentional. We have not changed the essential nature of any of the events we report, but by the disguises employed we have tried to protect the actual people involved in the movement from the curiousity of an unsympathetic reader..."

    One consequence of the flagrant name-changing the authors engaged in is that it is completely IMPOSSIBLE to verify that the book is really based on ANY "actual events." It may be as "real" as Castenada's works.

    For example, the newspaper quoted from in the book seems to have never existed.

    This doesn't decrease the book's value as a "teaching story" of sorts. I think that the psychological insights it offers are valid.

    I'm just not eager to say anythin in the book really happened. It *COULD* have happened, perhaps, but I certainly can't be sure it did.

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