Dishonering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

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  • ohiocowboy

    Blechhh! I get so sick of hearing about Sharpton and his cohort in Crime Jackson. Whitey could kiss their black butts in the most awesome, slobbering, and most loving way-(like we already do), and they would still find fault and say it wasn't wet enough. It never will be with their Ilk. I cringe in the fact that I basically used to idolize Jackson, and felt honor that I once shook his hand-before finding out that he got off on spitting in whitey's food. They are out for the attention, and it doesn't matter to them if they set race relations back years and even decades.

  • sooner7nc

    I challenge everyone on this board to show the same anger, hatred and racism at Glenn Beck's rally

    Let's are challenging everyone on this board to react to an event (Glenn Beck Rally) exactly like past experience tells you they will react?

    Way to go Leroy! Aim high and shoot for the stars! I apologise if my satirical irony is lost on you.

    BTW, Al Sharpton and Glenn Beck are both f***wits.

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Al Sharpton is a tool.... a blunt one.

  • serenitynow!
    got off on spitting in whitey's food.

    What? Literally?

  • ohiocowboy

    Yes, it was a gratifying experience for him.

    Former Black Panther leader Jesse Jackson admitted in a November, 1969 “Life” magazine interview that when he worked as a waiter in a Greenville, South Carolina hotel he spat into the soups and salads of White customers. “[Spitting into the food] gave me a psychological gratification,” Jackson said.

    During his early years in the communist civil rights movement Jackson often repeated this story to audiences. In fact the New York “Times” in a July, 1972 article, said: “Jesse would spit into their soup or salad before he brought it to the table, and watch with enjoyment as Whites ate gobs of saliva as though it were, say, oil and vinegar dressing.”

    Here are the actual pages of Life magazine where he admits it:

    Just do a google search of "1972 new york times jackson spit white food" and you will come up with a slimy mouthful of info. and PROOF that it happened repeatedly.

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    Ignorant dumbass name calling is ignorant dumbass namecalling. I'll make sure to keep the conversation at your dumbass level.

    That's your contribution to the subject? Really? That I'm an ignorant dumbass/jackass? You are pretty late to the party, pal. Everyone here already knows that I'm stupid, mean, ugly and that my mother hated me and potty trained me too early

    I'd like to see you post something about the subject of the thread


  • Dark Side
    Dark Side


    I apologize if the misspelling offended you

    That's your contribution? Spellcheck?

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    The lefties on the board are staying away from this thread in droves

  • agonus

    Well, the Reverend's full of piss and vinegar, which actually makes for pretty good salad dressing... or so I've heard.

  • carvin

    If Beck or any other white person were to say the exact thing that Sharpton said only replacing black with white it would be called "hate speach". They would be accused of inciting violence, and there would be calls to remove them from whatever platform/job they had so as not to be able to freely express themselves again. In answer to the treads intent, there is no comparison from the Beck rally, because contrary to liberal belief consivertives on the whole are not hate mongers, or racist. It was the consivertivs/republicans that fought to give Blacks the right to vote, and they passed the Equil Rights Amendment, over the objection of the liberals/democrats.

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