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    YAY welcome back outlaw!

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    Wow ! Good to see you back Outlaw!

    Lits - your experiences made me cringe for you - how dreadful - like someone else said it was very definitely abuse and we've all had a taste of it one way or another for sure. The really shocking part is that they conned us we were pleasing God by suffering all that stuff.

    Loz x

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    OK...I am about to confess the worse thought I ever had and entertained growing up.

    I thought once when I got to bethel, I would be around...people like me. No real opus there but you all know what I mean, I thought bethel and service there would be this spiritual oasis, the best possible use of my time as a youth.

    Now the key to life and I would like to ask other bethelites to share (knowing hindsite is 20/20) looking back what where the moments that happened during your stay that you realized something wasn't right? Or in hindsite the moment you can recall that a bell should of went out saying hey this place is jacked up.

    For me it was when I met the bethel elder to the congo I was assigned to. He and his belly showed up to my door and he introduced himself to me. He was a NY'er that had been at bethel 15-20 yrs. Still single (which Ive concluded is not good for a man at bethel longer than 10 yrs.) His...outlook on bethel life and how to get over there was a joke.

    Than, When I actually met my roomate. He was a cat from detroit a lot of people used to praise. So when I heard we was roomies I was like cool...Gat damn do I curse that day now. I did not see this cat till like the middle of the night. Dont know where he was coming from we were trying to see the town and here he comes walking down the street. He was with a group and left them to join us.

    His favorite thing to do was give me these dumb as lectures AFTER I had my newboy lectures?!? This SON_UV_A_BITCH actually 'counselled me' on the condition I kept the closet. I put counselled in quotes cause as he was prone to note (for god knows what reason) that although he was an elder he was NOT a BETHEL ELDER! SO this ragedy mofo say I want to talk to you about how you keep the closet and your housekeeping.

    So he takes me to the closet (which is funny since our whole room was essentially a closet) and ask me to slide back my clothes. *Sidebar another dumb ass thing about this guy he was basically a stunted jawa. Now in our closet there was a top rack and a lower rack for some reason this idiot wanted to have the top rack even tho he needed a stool to reach his shyt.* So I slide my close back so he can counsel me on my dirty laundry bag?!?

    Now the last thing wasn't that bad, but I wished I had played it better. It involves my 1st congo and another bethel couple (who was leaving right after I got there.) Dude and his wife had been there for like 15 yrs and where moving back home. So when I get to the hall I am confronted by a lot of folks who straight up ask me 'so how long will you be with us before you leave?' I asked the brother who was leaving and he explained how its a defense mechanism for them to like insulate them from getting too attached.

    I really wished I would've picked his brain more on his experiences and take on life at bethel. Actually their were several brothers with stories to tell but life at bethel was basically falling lock-step with the establishment. You keep your story and your musing to yourself.

  • Farkel

    Wow! It took a while to read this entire thread, but it was well worth it.

    :Was anyone around during September 11, 2001?

    It was reported on this site the next day that when the attack happened the cowardly bastards at Bethel ordered all the entrance doors locked. When people fled the Trade Center dust and smoke and looked for a place of refuge, Bethel wasn't available. The cowardly bastards were huddling inside their locked doors. (Where was "Jehovah" at this time?) Later, the cowardly bastards ordered people to start handing out Watchtower Bullshit to people who needed assistance. All of that was reported here as it occurred. Bethel cowardly bastards found out about this exposure of their cowardice, and only THEN did they open their doors and start giving out water and stuff to people in need. Pricks!

    On another note, all you ex-Bethelites haven't yet reported on "G-Jobbing." That was a great Bethel scam (and probably still goes on) , and our own ex-Bethelite JT reported about it in detail a number of years ago.

    Any ex-"G-Jobbers" want to share about it?

    My own sister was at Bethel for a number of years, by the way. She was the sweetest little thing, and Bethel turned her into a cold-hearted, braindead bitch. Cults do that to people, you know.


  • seenitall

    G-Jobs the fuel that fed the fire! Cleaning out barns, installing carpet, painting and doing whatever. Had offers to put up mobile home skirting for sleeping with a pervert! Had to run from that one. Seems he had a bunch of other young Bethel boys that would do 'odd" jobs for him. He said he had a large dog also - wondered what the dog would do! This actually happened back in mid 70's at Wallkill - anyone remember the HootOwl Tavern. That is where the old pervert liked to pick up the boys (by buying drinks first). It truly is a sick world!

  • Farkel

    Ok. Here ya go. This is another dimension of Bethel that has not been covered on this thread and a 10 year Bethelite (and long-time friend of mine) who posted as "JT" reveals it all. It is funny, and very revealing. G-Jobbing:


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Damn dont know how I missed LITS post That was some bullish! Glad you got thru it but your husband should've slaped Piss fire out that damn overseer. As for max larson he was just trying to get along. The fire had long left him and he was just towing the line like all the other slappies.

  • darth frosty
  • Quillsky

    A classic thread, with many horrors. Thank you to all for sharing with us.

    I found Brotherdan's comment the most interesting, and moving, of all......

    I want to clarify something about Bethel to everyone.

    I do not regret my time there. It was a special place in many ways. Most of them are special in a bad way. I was able to see the "heart" of the organization and I know what goes on there and the fictional image that they create about themselves.

    But at the same time, I met some extraordinary people there. I met people from all over the world. I met people from Malawi that had suffered in a way that a human should never be made to suffer. I met women that had been raped for their faith. I met people that had to watch their entire family butchered before their eyes while they stood firm in their faith. I met people that gave up their comfortable homes, money, lifestyle, etc... to live in a 3rd world country because of their faith. I met people that had been tortured beyond belief because they would not give up what they believed in. That was the benefit of Patterson. It's the hub of all things missionary.

    What is so sad is...what did they suffer for? Did they suffer for true faith? Or did they suffer needlessly? Did they get raped because of a policy of 10 men sitting in an air conditioned office?

    While I do not agree with the leadership, I have true love for the people that have gone through these things. I think that's why I get sensitive on this site (as many of you know and will attest to). There are some people that are so blind and lost...but they aren't evil people. They are strong of character and even strong of mind. But they are lost because of the demon inspired guidings of this organization. It makes me sick. I wish I could force them out. But I can't. These kind and loyal men and women are stuck. I can only hope and pray that they will someday see the truth and come out.
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    Hear, Hear... Quillsky

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