Bethel Rules

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  • brotherdan

    I've never heard that one. But it must not have worked on me. I was a horny little bastard while at bethel.

  • CuriousButterfly
    If that's true, curious butterfly, then it changed from when I was there. We all got physicals the first day that we were there.

    I am sure they get a physical upon entering, I do not know for sure. When we were in Paterson recently visiting them I was shocked her husband has not seen a doctor in years since he has not been sick. NO regular routine exams until you are older. Her husband is 40.

  • cantleave

    Saltpeter (potassium nitrate) is used in cigarette papers and firework fuses to help them burn. Oh and of course Gunpowder so it should have created smoldering foreplay and then explosive orgasms.

  • TheListener

    If they use or used saltpeter it didn't work. Almost every person I knew was as horny as could be (myself included).

    I always found that you were best friends with the other guys you worked with. Then, as a secondary layer of friendship came your roommate (if you didn't work together also) and then your tablemates (not the married guys).

    It also seemed that if you came to bethel with a group of guys on the same day and went through entrance school and the lectures together you also had a special bond of friendship whether you worked or roomed together. There was something about sitting through that torturous school and lecture series that bonded people.

    I remember the constant counsel that sports were not to be taken too seriously. Of course, that is exactly what we did. Which department or group won/lost a sports game was a point of major discussion and trash talk.

    Some have already mentioned brother Couch and how everytime he opened his mouth it was to talk about hooooommmmooooooooosexuuuuuuals. (long and drawn out - I swear it took him a minute to say the word).

    I also remember the counsel, fairly regularly, to keep bethel family matters within bethel. We weren't to talk to our literal families or congregation friends about bethel related stuff. The bethel family was likened to our real family in that some things are just not meant to be discussed with others. I think most of the wrestling in your underwear and brothers found with pornography fit into this category.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Never heard of the saltpeter thing. They also claim it is used in prison food (how well does that work?)

    On the horny thing...I'll never forget one time I was walking thru the tunnels going from 107 to towers. As you walk thru the tunnels thats where the personal laundry machines are for those who do their own laundry. Well one evening as I am walking in said tunnel, pass a laundry room, I see this sister in the laundry room...reading her WT...LEANING on the washing machine as its going thru its spin cycle...

  • ziddina

    Clarity said:

    "Also does anyone know about this? Keith writes "...when you go to bethel, you sign a document stating that if you die while you are at bethel, the society has "the right" to keep your body. Most people just sign it and forget about it, but don't you think that is just a little strange? Why?"

    OOOOOOOOooooooo - KAY, I want to hear more about this...

    I suspect that 'cadavers' must go for a juicy [sorry!] price at the local medical schools..

    Just another way for the Watchtower to use - and I do mean USE - their cult members for income, even AFTER death...

    How GHOULISH!!!

    Zid - even THIS she-devil thinks that's NASTY!!!

  • donuthole
    Don't Catholic nuns also have to take a 'vow of poverty'?? Hmmmm.......sounds to me like Crooklyn has more in common with the Great Harlot than just a pedophile problem.........

    Actually it is very similar. Bethelites are under a corporation known as the Religious Order of Jehovah's Witnesses which is not unlike a Catholic religious order. I forget the background on this but this order was established in 2000 because of some kind of legal/tax problem they ran into in the past.

  • Libelle

    Yeah, but the nuns, I think, know more about what they're getting into than your average Bethelite... or so it seems by this thread.

  • brotherdan

    Yeah, I had NO idea Bethel was like the way it was. I knew it was clean and you had to be well behaved, but the r&f just don't know that much about it. Even when they go tour the facilities they are not told the deep inner workings. Like one poster said, family business is to be kept within the family. I remember getting mad at one of my roommates because he was talking to his family about some stuff he didn't like at bethel.

    I was talking about Ray Franz's book to another JW a while back and they said something similar. They said he should be ashamed of himself for talking about things that happened behind closed doors. That's the general attitude of JWs though...

  • iconofile

    My uncle went to Bethel for six months before he came home. He told me privately that he HATED it but told everyone else that he loved it but was only there on the temporary program.

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