Fill In The Blank: Jehovah's Witnesses Are The ------------- People On Earth!

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  • St George of England
    St George of England



  • wobble

    I do agree dear Brotherdan, but it was only a bit of fun, fun poked at ourselves really for all those years we wasted.

    I do not apologise for saying those who are in it now, and believe in it, are feeble minded.

  • brotherdan

    Ok, so is it ok to "poke fun" at other races? Can I say "All mexicans are the dirtiest low-lifes in the world"? How does that do any good to anyone. Believe me, I don't take myself too seriously and I can laugh at myself. But when we are talking about victims of abuse, how can you justify that? Let's talk about rape victims and how they deserve to be raped because they tend to be the sluttiest people on earth. OH! Is that not funny?

    But you guys are sitting around here thinking you are better than other people. Calling them names or even "feeble minded" is a stereotype. The name calling thing is something used by feeble minded people to make themselves feel LESS feeble minded.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    most sexually-repressed

  • wannabefree

    nicest, honest, caring, mislead

  • minimus

    Brotherdan, don't get too serious. This isn't racial or abusive. Lighten up!

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I was about to say most anally-retentive until I read brotherdan's posts.

  • minimus

    Dan, if you think this thread is bothersome, I suggest you not peruse what else is on here. You might have a conniption!


    Seriously guys, how is this question any different from a racist question?

    Black people are the ______ people on earth..........Brotherdan


    It`s not about Black people..

    I did`nt used to be Black and now I`m Chinese..

    I`m from a JW family and the religion made a mess of my family..

    I`m not the only one here,with a F*cked Up JW family..

    White Washing the Truth about that BullShit Religion helps no one..


  • brotherdan

    I guess I do forget that I'm dealing with non-Christians on here sometimes. Go head with your name calling and making yourselves feel better about your life.

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