Have You Ever Wondered If Someone You Knew Was On Here?

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  • wobble

    I persuaded a relative to post here, so that was one. Another P.M'd me, and we had been on the same K.H re-furb. job , but not really met, lots of people we both knew though.

    Another poster and I met for the first time via JWD as it was then, as she lives near me, and I had known her dear Dad.

    The difficulty for those of us who have faded is we cannot identify ourselves beyond all doubt, just in case.

    I know of one girl who was DF'd for being on such a site as this, and when she asked why the Elder who had I.D'd her was on the site, was just told it was being looked in to.

    If someone is fading they must wonder who to trust too. I bet there are lots of Lurkers who know me, I live near Ashford in Kent U.K

    P.M me.

  • nelly136

    i've found at least 7 people from ashford not including wob and someone else who comes from surrounding areas, so i can only guess theres a high discontent level around these parts.

    (not all on this board and they know others who are also out or keeping their heads down cos they dont want to be jws but dont want the hassle of leaving)

    it also seems that quite a few of the kids are playing it smart and going through the motions cos theyve got a great social club going on amongst themselves and the jw stuff is just a neccesary evil for the time being.

  • Dagney

    Well, thanks to this thread I now cyber know brizzzy, and come to find out, we do know many of the same people. Hopefully we will meet face to face some day soon.

    Thanks for the thread!

  • jaguarbass

    I ran into the piano players daughter on here from back in the 60's.

    We both lived in Cleveland, now she lives in California and I live in Florida.

    We used to have live music.

  • Quandry

    I did find out I knew someone on this board...very well. I pm'd him and said his information sounded familiar...was so glad to find him and know that he is "out." I knew his parents for years, don't think they'd talk to me or my husband today.

  • ValiantBoy

    I was actually contacted by two people in the last few weeks who recognized me from my past posts. On the one hand it made me realize that I perhaps be more discreet in my postings, but on the other hand it was really really great to hear from both of them and to learn that they've both come to realize the truth about "the truth."

  • flipper

    I was recently contacted by a newer poster who lives kind of in the general area I did as a younger JW. We talked on the phone and knew MANY of the same people from my local hometown. It was bizarre finding out who had died , who re-married, etc. Was a very interesting conversation. I didn't KNOW this poster, never had met before, but we knew MANY of the same people. Hope to keep in contact with him

  • coffee_black

    I know a lot of people on here from meetups and conferences and a few from many years ago.


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I found two on here that I know. I wonder who else might be on here, as well.

  • cattails

    I PM'ed with someone I knew from a neighboring congregation at home.

    He recognized me from my avatar photo, although we hadn't seen each other since he got DF'ed back in the mid 1990's (is that right? I'm not sure when you left...)

    Back then I was a happy/unhappy kid as the moods swung, and was quite oblivious to everything around me that didn't perk my interest.

    I'm more "conscious" now, but I can't help the feeling that there are more people, maybe lurking, that I know personally and haven't made a connection with yet.

    I should say that I've met a few on Facebook who'd DA'd or gotten DF'ed or faded over the years and we connected again. There's a lot of JW's and ex-JW's that seem make connections on Facebook despite the WT's admonitions to not frequent such sites.

    If you recognize me contact me here or on FB.

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