Have You Ever Wondered If Someone You Knew Was On Here?

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  • AudeSapere

    Shortly after I started posting, 'outnfree' identified me. Sort of. I posted a comment about her sister and about the same she had posted my family's name in a post about people she remembered from her sister's old cong. It was cool little cyber-reunion. We live 2500 miles apart so have never met up (since 1973~!) but it was still cool.

    Then around this past Christmas, someone from my former California cong posted about someone that we both knew. A few pm's back and forth and sure enough! Another hit.

    There was one other person that pm'd me a few years ago. He's still 'in' and we were talking about people we may know in common. Turns out he knows ALOT of my old friends. I think it spooked him because communication halted.

    I'm still waiting for that one great re-connect story. It's got to happen one day soon!


  • Dagney

    (Brizzy...you are gonna have a PM.)

    I always hope there will be somebody I know on here...so far nobody.

  • wantstoleave

    I often wonder this but so far haven't come across any posters I recognise. Though I do worry about the lurkers or elders and MS patrolling!

  • elderelite

    well damn it, i've had enough hiding! My name is Mike Smith, from northern virginia and i'm proud of it!!!! any else want to fess up?

  • crapola

    I found someone I know on here a few months ago. It was very nice talking to him and being honest about the way a feel to someone that understands. Many of us would probably be very surprised at who either post here or just lurk around and read.

  • dgp

    Worldly here, but I sincerely hope the JW I know are lurking here...

  • StAnn

    I've never found anyone on here who knew me. But here's my info:

    I was in the Eaton, Ohio cong. Suzanne Howard was my maiden name, was married to Phil Ashbrook. We were in Southeast (Dayton) when we divorced and I was DF'd. Phil went on to remarry and has been at the Kettering Cong. ever since and our son is Ashley Ashbrook, also DF'd. It's much more likely that someone on here knows Ashley (whom I call Smash) than knows me.

    My mom is in Eaton cong. and she is Malvery Howard. My sister is in Eaton cong. and she is Kathy Keller. My brother is in the Centerville, Ohio, area and his name is Jeff Howard. I think he's still an elder. My other brother, Mike Howard, is in the Greenville, Ohio, cong. My other brothers left the WTS years ago, one lives in AZ (James Howard) and the other lives in Oakwood, Ohio (Greg Howard). I think James was in a cong. in Mesa, AZ when he DF'd. His ex-wife is named Julie. She remarried someone named Greg but I don't know the last name. James and Julie have two kids, Chloe and Olivia.

    My brother Mike's wife left him for an elder, who left his wife, and they moved out to AZ also. Somewhere in the Phoenix area. Chuck and Ann Flowers. My nephew, Ben Howard, lives with them.

    If that isn't enough biographical info for someone to recognize me, then no one on this board would know me.

    My first name is Serena and that is what I go by but the JDubs called me Suzanne. So my name is now Serena Conn and I'm in Hamilton, Ohio, and am widely known around here for being the "apostate" who left the JDubs and became Catholic.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    A couple of people I know post here - they're the ones I know of at least.

  • asilentone

    I think someone is afraid to be exposed by me, but I would NEVER do that. End of story!

  • avengers

    I'll fess up.

    My name is Andy. I live in the Netherlands
    I don't care if the whole world knows I'm on this board.
    If any of you want to get in touch with me; here's my e-mail.

    [email protected]

    If you want I'll give you my address and phone nr.

    The WT has no power over me nor do I recognize their position of
    being god's messenger.

    So there!


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