Swimming Lessons Are Definitely On My To-Do List

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  • AGuest

    Oh, wait!! Please tell me that your article didn't include the following words, dear Miz Sylvie (peace and LOVE to you!):

    "These are some of the greatest kids in the world," said the Rev. Emmitt Welch, who knew all the victims in his work as a Baptist youth minister. "I mean when you think about the ideal children, these kids are wonderful"??

    And that the photograph didn't show 3-4 young girls, one in SHORTS, one in a long T-shirt with apparently short/bathing bottom/nothing on underneath, and another in SKIN TIGHT jeans?!!?? 'Fo REELZ?? Cuz de lawd no's dat jus don' mak no sinse, no suh, not in de lite of whut deer mkr dun jus 'tol us!!

    Given these two things (the minister's remarks and the girl's attire)... pray, tell us, please, dear mkr, from just where it is that you got YOUR information that ANYONE was wearing saggy pants? Please, o'all knowing one... fill us in: what is YOUR source for knowing this, as yet unrevealed, undiscussed, unmentioned by anyone but you thus far, truth? We wait patiently at your feet. Don't keep us from your wisdom. Tell us, how is you know WHAT those kids were wearing?

    While I'm waiting, I bid you peace.

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, who would caution folks, particularly self-admitted racists, that it would be prudent to check one's sources before opening one's mouth and inserting one's own feet... 'specially if'n dem feet is holin' onta sum stanky toe jam...

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    when I was a kid I swam out into the ocean no fear that was before the days of jaws and nat geo shows about poisonious jellyfish and other scary stuff.

    I only swim in pools now, not afraid of drowning just creatures in the water and I don't go camping either because of bears and mountain lions.

  • ziddina

    Hi, Sylvia!! (waves...!!)

    [Looks around at thread... ] Oh, my!! Such a (crap, can't spell "Fal -der- all" soooo....) DONNYBROOK!!! (fans self, about to faint...)

    Dear Snowbird aka Sylvia, you have fun learning to swim and all that, but check out this thread: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/197043/1/Should-I-reply


    We're fond of you, and wouldn't like to see you become "alligator chow"...


  • ziddina

    Hey, Nancy... Ah, never mind... Every time I discuss hiking safety, I get these greenhorn gun-nut idiots who can't seem to figure out that - if you AVOID attracting the animal in the first place, you won't have to DEAL WITH THE ANIMAL!!!

    I'll PM you my suggestions...


  • mkr32208

    Your PC nonsense is just that, PC nonsense, would you like me to head out to jax beach this weekend and take pictures of the young black men wading on the edge of the surf in their oversized clown pants?

    The girls wear normal bathing suits and the guys wear heavy denim pants that are cut with the ass part 3 feet long and the legs 6 inches long. They are ridiculous and if a large wave rolled up and pulled them out over their heads they would all drown. The pants are HEAVY and would pull them right down.

    You can say 'we don't know what they were wearing' but that is bullshit. If they were young black teenagers they had on the huge pants! Oh wait no they were the ONLY young black men in the entire south to wear well fitting board shorts that would have made it easy to swim. Yeah right whatever it's PC BS and we all know it. Those clothes are NOT designed to WALK in much less swim. And you can take that as a jab against black guys if you want to but the FACT is that NOBODY could swim in them! They aren't designed to work that way and these guys were wading so I'm SURE they were wearing the pants. And you can scream and yell and be a little bitch all you want but we all know it's the truth.

    Belts are outlawed in prison that is a big part of this fad the sex part eh I dunno maybe maybe not but I have never seen anyone put forward that it started with frat boys. I work in Gainsville and have to drive down frat row and you know what I never see the white guys dressed like that. THey all look like hippy pot heads and most of them look one hair off a bum but they do have on well fitting pants. Now that might be because they all ride scooters and bikes and you can't do that with the big pants.


    I didn't STAY in corrections because of the hate and racism I saw. You ding dongs are like mkr's a racist mkr's a racist. No, I'm not and my best friends are black and mexican so your foolish words won't bother me. I'm just as pissed of at the AZ law as you I think that non criminal illegals should be offered citizen ship, I think that Fox should have to take "news" off of their channel. But I'm NOT PC and when I see people acting STUPIDLY they I get pissed. What I hate and I mean HATE is stupidity. I don't care if you are fluorescent tan color you act like an ass I'm pissed off! So that said Black kids don't learn to swim that is a FACT the FACT is also that you don't need a pool or swimming lessons all you need is the desire. My dive buddy is a Black man (who's last name is Brown thats kinda funny) and he dives and snorkles but he flat out WILL NOT SWIM now ask me to explain THAT. So I said something I thought (and still think) is funny and you have your vagina in a twist about it. Umm... Who cares? Not me thats for sure...

  • SnakesInTheTower


    ironic that toni and i were talking about me taking adult swim lessons at the community college I graduated from (and that she is going back to school this month).... swim lessons are on the same night as one of her classes...red cross instructors i think... i might just do it... I drove along a levee road the other day in a local park and it about freaked me out because the water was nearly to the road .....toni worries about me and suggested lessons last week and now again tonight...

    I used to love to swim...took lessons at that same college as a kid... but almost drowned in a public pool...havent been swimming since.... ironic, because i used to help a JW family get their pool ready every year...then i would only put my feet in it when it was ready....no matter how hot...

    we have a small water park nearby and a six flags water park an hour away...and I have been to either...havent been back to the original pool where I nearly drowned (lifeguard pulled me out and CPR'd me).... even though the original pool has been replaced with a fancier new one...

    BTW...I didnt click through to the link...I really dont want to know...drowning stories freak me out....

    Couple of years ago my family had talked me into going out on a catamaran in Grand Cayman to go snorkeling with the stingrays.... bad weather forced a delay...and i had to leave the next morning ahead of the rest of them.... but i was willing to bite the bullet (or the mouthpiece) to get that once in a lifetime experience....now toni and i want to go back there ...maybe for a honeymoon?,,,,, but i need swim lessons...no doubt...

    Snakes (Rich ..of the "doesn't like deep water" Sheep Class)

  • mkr32208

    Come dive with us!!! You can learn to swim with a ready supply of air!

  • mkr32208


    I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to all homosexual's for lumping you in unfairly with the gangbanger trash and rapper filth that litters our fair streets. I am deeply sorry.

    However upon closer reading this sentence does jump out...

    "Those who do not follow this fashion see only the crotches of jeans hanging at or above the knee, hobbling their wearers in a goofy manner. (One can walk in sagging pants. But one can't run in them)"

    I would also conjecture that one can't SWIM in them either...

  • ohiocowboy

    Wow. If only they would have been in an area that was designated for swimming they may still be alive. It's a shame that they all decided to have their party in an area they weren't really supposed to be in.


    The area where the drownings occurred is near a public park, but it's not a designated recreational or swimming area and no lifeguards are on duty.The city had just dug a trench to limit access to it.

    Yet once again certain people on this board twist it to be Whitey's fault that others don't know how to swim.

    Is there any news yet of if/when the families involved will sue the city for negligence?

    My condolences to the families. no one should have to go through something horrible like that.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    It's 2010 and we're still talking about plantation owners? Sheesh!

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