Your favorite JW'isms...."Brother leave it in Jehovah's hands" Post yours.

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  • Heartofaboy

    In the mid 1960's & early 1970's the JW'isms were

    This is my armageddon car.

    This is the last time I'll have to paint the house before armageddon.

    You'll never have to go to school ( the kid is now a grandparent )

    You'll never need to study for a career in this system of things

    There'll be so many opportunities for you young men in the New World

    Make pioneering your goal ( do everything the WBTS tells you )

    Do your all for Jehovah( do everything the WBTS tells you )

    Put the kingdom first ( do everything the WBTS tells you )


    study the bible with the aid of the watchtower (read out propaganda, repeat propaganda)

    shepherding call (annual performance review likely to involve a work improvement plan and possibly a disciplinary hearing)

    worldly viewpoint (common sense)

    can you picture yourself in the new system? (stroking a lion with a basket of fruit surrounded by smiling people wearing square clothes? where can I get a wifi connection?)

    the last days of the last days (started hearing that expression about 7500 days ago - quite a few days don't ya think?)

    seek out sheeplike ones (look for people who are as dumb as an animal that will follow anyone and not answer back)

    serve where the need is greater (this apathetic town can fry - we want some new territory)

    gave a good witness (failed to convince them or you'd have managed to convert them)

    worldly wisdom (wisdom as opposed to lunatic logic)

    disciplining in righteousness (bully them with the bible)

    encouraging one another (depress each other with the same old conversations; "hang in there old boy we're in the last days of the last days")


  • ballistic

    It was once said that someone "brought up blood" but not literally.

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