Your favorite JW'isms...."Brother leave it in Jehovah's hands" Post yours.

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  • jamiebowers

    get together instead of party

    make the truth your own

  • Hopscotch

    We're doing a life saving work (I thought that's what the guys dressed in red and yellow at the beach did)

    Keeping the congregation clean (usually said in conversation after someone was df'd)

    JWs are the happiest people on earth (then why are so many of them of them on anti-depressants)

    I have to go out in field service this weekend because I need to get my time in (see, field service really has nothing to do with the above mentioned life saving work)

    We're looking for sheeplike ones (were these the householders that were eating grass?)

    We're under angelic direction (really?)


  • Scully

    Don't be stumbled by imperfect men.

    And it's corollary: Be careful not to stumble anyone.

  • Paulapollos

    "Don't bring reproach on Jehovah's name".

    It's pretty hard to do that of a person who says of himself:

    "I am Jehovah....forming light and creating darkness, making peace and creating calamity, I Jehovah am doing all these things." and "If a calamity occurs in the city, is it not also Jehovah who has acted?"


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Wait on Jehovah to fix the pedophile problem, do not worry about the children who might get molested in the mean time Jehovah will fix their minds in the new system as he is allowing all of this as a test for you to see if you will still follow him even in this most upsetting situation.

    Elder to me last week "We are the only happy people on the earth." Me to elder then why am I so depressed and they all seem so happy? Elder to me "It is because Satan is not testing them like he is you, as he wants you to leave Jehovah but he already has them."


  • RebeccaChi

    LOL Hopscotch!! You came up with some good ones!

    Has anyone heard of the "Brothers' Only Territory"? This would have been an unsafe neighborhood for "sisters" to do preaching work in.

    "Working towards my goal of baptism."

    "Contemplating marriage"

  • RebeccaChi

    "Reach out for privledges within the congergation."

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    "I missed you last week!" - Said when one misses just one or two meetings. So fake!!! I hate it!!!

    I never, ever, never say that to anyone!!! Nor do I ask for anybody's wife/husband/kid(s) when I don't see them at the meeting. It's none of my freaking business!!! If they're sick or in any other conditions that calls for a visit or a brief phone call, etc., I'm sure they'll say it before the meeting ends. Give me a freaking break!!!

    I don't miss many meetings, but when I do, I've become a master at just smiling politely and giving my usual "Hi, good to see you" greeting to the person. They just stare at me dumbfounded, I guess waiting for an explanation that never comes.


  • jehovahsheep

    when someone rejects our message-"they dont have the 3 h's"

  • exwhyzee

    What are the 3 H's...haven't heard that one before?

    Heart condition has to be one of the 3 right ?

    What about the term "Association-itis" As in: Some of the brothers seem to be suffering from Association-itis...they spend all their time in recreation activities with "the friends", rather than in engaged in the field ministry.

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