Your favorite JW'isms...."Brother leave it in Jehovah's hands" Post yours.

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  • NiceDream

    "We don't go for the people, we go for Jehovah."

    "This system of things!" - Thought stopper for dealing with reality.

  • ziddina

    "If you'll only be a better wife, then your [Jehovah's Witless - raised in the "trooth", in fact...] husband will straighten up and become a better husband..."

    "Pray to Jehovah about it, and then he'll help you be a better wife..."

    Excuse me... BLEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!! vomit emoticon

    There. I feel better now...


  • RebeccaChi

    "Satan is testing you." or "Jehovah is testing you."

    "We're living in Satan's system of things."

  • LostGeneration

    "Its a Perfect organization made up of imperfect men"

    How does that work? Garbage in=Garbage out in my world.

  • snowbird

    "Satan's got to you/her/him/them."

    Said to me recently.


  • stillin

    where would I go away to?

    there's no organization like it in the world.

    The end is just around the's just a long corner

  • sir82

    "By extension".

    Whatever is applied "by extension" is usually completely unrelated to the scripture used.

    Scripture as it appears in the Bible: "Cats are better than dogs"

    WT article: "As the scripture says, 'cats are better than dogs', and by extension, canteloupes turn moldy if left in the sun for too long."

    Typical sir82 response:

  • Ice cream
    Ice cream

    'Jehovah knows the heart condition'

  • exwhyzee

    "Inculcate" the truth in the hearts of our youth.

    He had the truth "Sounded down" into his heart.

    "Fleshly" Sister/Brother or "Spiritual" Sister/Brother.

    She endured "much opposition" from her "Unbelieving mate."

    Wasn't that a "thought provoking" article ?

    When listening at the assembly to the "experiences" had by those "engaged" in the "door to door work", we would always wait for them to say the manditory phrase... "A study was started"....and we'd look at eachother and roll our eyes.

    "Thus far" as in thus far in our study we have learned.....

    Wasn't that a "Timley message" ? "Certainly Brothers...this would Behoove us to do all we can in the ministyry...".buying out the opportune time"

    We would like to convey the"Love and greetings" from the ABC congregation

    "Unlettered and O-o-r-r-r-dinary men"

    "Incidental Witnessing"

  • Soldier77

    anointed remnant

    publisher in good standing

    this worldly system of things is at its end

    Armageddon is at our doorstep!

    "special pioneer" (hell any of the "pioneer" types)

    Jehovah will clear it up in his own time. (well, his timetable and mine aren't syncing, so no, sorry, not waiting for a thousand years to start/end)

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