Your favorite JW'isms...."Brother leave it in Jehovah's hands" Post yours.

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  • exwhyzee

    Like ambersun said...fallen away always made me think of someone falling down a flight of stairs. Boom Boom Boom Thud....the same with thing with the phrase...Stumbled one.

    Draw close to the organization,Make a defence for the truth, Fight the fine fight, Endure to the end, the race for life.

    Keep on the watch, Never Bringing reproach upon the organization, Set a fine example (I'm exausted just reading my own all sounds so paranoid now)

    Fence sitters, Luke warm, Worldly associate, Wicked system of things.

    Zealous, Sheeplike ones, Honest hearted ones, Dedicated ones

    Newly interested ones, keen spirit, upbuilding associates

    The in: We're having a get together for some of "The Friends".

    Independent in: There's no room for independent thinkers in Jehovahs Organization.

  • chickpea

    be mindful of where we are in the stream of urine time

    theocratic order/loyal submission

    PRIVILEGE of book study... code for pain in the @ss

  • donny






  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    "according to THE SOCIETY ...."

    very creepy

    The Oracle

  • wantstoleave

    'Don't go to the meetings for friends, go for Jehovah'. (when I had no friends in the organisation as a teen)...

    'The weekend is for worship and service, not relaxing'. (when I wanted to sleep in after working 60hrs)...

    'Would Jesus watch THAT movie?'.

  • wantstoleave

    'The angels are watching you, be careful what you do'. (still creeps me out!!)

    At 18 and single, 'You're past your used by date. You should pioneer as you won't find a husband now'.

    'Don't give up now! You've been SO faithful and you love the truth. Jehovah would be devastated. Don't let Satan win!'.

  • Mattieu

    "The elders are a loving arrangement from Jehovah"

    "Reaching out"

    "The sisters are a large army"

    "Would Jesus approve of that entertainment if he were on earth today?"

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    "And so all here in agreement with the previous 20 minutes of resolutions you won't remember say AYE!!!!" Audience: "AYE!!!!"

    What are we frickin' pirates?!!!!

    "Don't pay attention to the manner in which the counsel is given, just be grateful and humbly accept the brothers' counsel."

    "Jehovah surely provided this __________ for me at the right time"

    " I was fired from my job for wanting to pioneer and not work more than 15 hours a week, only to receive a call the next week offering me a 10 hour a week job for twice the money I was making before!!!"

    " I needed exactly xxx dollars for food and would you believe it, I received an anonymous envelope [sniffles, tears] the very next day with exactly xxx dollars"

    "When my employer found out I was a witness - and I thought he would be prejudiced, he said 'great - I've worked with witnesses before and I know you're the most honest of all people on the planet"

    Too bad my boss in real life said "You're a JW - you're not gonna be offended that I drink coffee and cuss - if so you can walk your ass out now!"

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    "organized religion is part of Babylon the Great" - oh wait that's before we became an organized religion.

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    Talk on marriage at the CA:

    "marriage is the 2nd most important decision you'll make in your life, next to baptism"

    Talk on baptism right after marriage talk at CA:

    ""we have with us a wide range of baptismal candidates, one is even 9 years old!" Audience: Applause!!!!!!!!!

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