Restrictions on sanitation supplies at a$$emblies

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  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I remember an assembly somewhere where we were "encouraged" to not flush the toilet if you only had a little bit of pee and toilet paper--let the next person flush one time for two people. This was not an announcement from the platform--it was from the bathroom attendant, and I don't know if the person was given those instructions or if it was her own idea.

  • hotspur
    and I don't know if the person was given those instructions or if it was her own idea

    An attendant with an idea? Don't be daft!

  • blondie

    That instruction sounds more like a means to deal with a plumbing problem. I'm sure no sister came up with that idea....I would have just used my fair share of the toilet water. It would be interesting to find out the reasoning for that. I would have asked, "Who told you that sister? I'd like to talk to them."

  • cheerios

    absolutely disgusting

  • asilentone

    We need to report those stupid rules to the national or regional or local news. I am sure they will change their ways very fast after it is broadcasted to the world.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I don't think it was at all the conventions and assemblies at rented facilities (although it was at many), but every single assembly hall I have been to had some kind of sign requesting "One towel please" or if it was roll towels, they had a sign taped on the wall with a line on it saying "Use this much towel" and it had a line indicating where your roll should stop.

    I doubt they will make it "policy" in the Kingdom Ministry to remind people to limit toilet paper and soap, but I could imagine them asking people to take their lunch trash back to their hotel and throw it away there. I could imagine a word going around from a letter through the elders to ask members to bring their own toilet/bathroom supplies from their hotel and leave the stocked items for 'guests' and 'poor people' or some rubbish like that. I could also imagine WTS getting grilled on this then denying any such thing by saying they supply the stuff and don't encourage 'stealing' from hotels.

  • Pistoff

    All the SAD's, conventions and CA's in my state, northern plains, had the dreaded "One towel only please"

  • ziddina

    "I remember an assembly somewhere where we were "encouraged" to not flush the toilet if you only had a little bit of pee and toilet paper..."

    That's a water-rationing issue... Out here in the west, where range wars have been fought over water rights, water is a precious commodity and not to be wasted...

    Here in Denver, Colorado, we've been told by the city [cities] to: Water only every other day... Water only 10 minutes per area... [which is VERY hard on those grasses-from-Kentucky-and-other-humid-climates that people tend to use in their lawns...] Xeriscape their yards - we have a neighbor with a lovely xeriscape front yard on our block; I envy those people every time I have to mow my front lawn...

    The "if it's yellow, let it mellow; if it's brown, flush it down..." is VERY familiar to anyone living in this area. Some cities have passed building codes requiring ALL new construction to install special "water-saving" bathroom fixtures - low-flush toilets, low-water-usage shower heads, and so on...

    They were even asking people to voluntarily shorten their showering time to 5 minutes, when we were in the depths of our recent 10-year-drought-cycle...

    Just sayin'... Zid

  • undercover

    Try being on a Assembly Hall cleaning squad with cleaning supplies that were cut with water and rationed out so you didn't use too much...

    The Assembly Hall Overseer went through with a white glove (seriously) inspecting the cleaning jobs but they couldn't provide us with decent materials to work with. They wouldn't provide commercial S/S cleaner for the kitchen equipment. We had to use some crap concoction they came up with.

    I actually asked outloud at one meeting why is it that we're expected to keep Jehovah's house so spotlessly clean, yet they give us inferior product to work with? Shouldn't we get the best to be able to provide cleanliness to the best of our efforts? Is it giving Jehovah our best when we use cheap product and cut that with water even? As you can surmise - that question was not met with enthusiasm by the elders in charge.

  • mrsjones5

    I say if you have to go to a DC take your own stuff and don't forget the hand sanitizer.

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