Restrictions on sanitation supplies at a$$emblies

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  • Gregor

    They will probably begin adapting to the economic model that the airlines have used for years,

    "A specific donation can give access to:

    First class seats. Prime location for Dramas. Cushions. Shade in open air venues.

    Designated foodstands with a variety of fresh food.

    Special bathroom access. No waiting. Generous supplies of quality paper products.

    Valet parking.

    ATMs conveniently located.

  • asilentone

    maybe they should have contribution boxes in the restrooms just for toilet papers, cleaning supplies,paper towels. So they would not be so fucking cheap!

  • asilentone

    I think Bathroom Attendant should keep resupplying the restrooms so everyone can be happy.

  • asilentone

    I think they should clean the restrooms during the assembly sessions, so the restrooms would be clean for most of the time. "It would be a fine witness to Jehovah"

  • asilentone

    they also need to aim right, especially for men! Have a sign "Please aim correctly inside the toilet bowl, Thank you"

  • chickpea

    just confirming that DCs in rochester minn
    had signs in the washrooms indicating that
    there was a 1 towel limit... at least it was
    like that in the late 1990s

    and stay the HELL out of the food court during
    lunch because attendants WILL be taking names!

  • Palimpsest

    If funding is getting tight, why not have less assemblies?

    Oh, you and your apostate logic. Doesn't everyone know that the solution is always to raise more, not spend less? Please, let's leave the running of cults to the professionals. ;)

  • mamochan13

    The paper on the mirrors was only in the "sisters" bathroom, because they were the frivolous ones who would spend hours looking at themselves in the mirror, instead of remaining in their seats and being indoctrinated, if they weren't prevented from doing so. I'm surprised they didn't make gender restrictions on the sanitation supplies, too, since it's only "sisters" who use lots of TP in their mind.


    In the coming Assemblies....There will be no toilet paper..

    Just a Bathroom Attendant with a Garden hose..

    Use the toilet..Bend over.....And.....Wha-Hoo!!..

    Ice cold water..Where the Good Lord never intended it..

    ......................... ...OUTLAW

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