Restrictions on sanitation supplies at a$$emblies

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  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    "Upper Decker's" are always a great way to save water....until some poor soul finds it....

  • WTWizard

    I heard of the toilet paper on scattered occasions (I think I only heard of a couple of specific posts where the attendants handed out 2 or 3 sheets of toilet paper), but not water. Flushing the toilet after each use, except if there is a drought emergency going on, makes common sense (if there is a drought emergency, even worldly places are encouraged to not flush toilets for liquid waste only). And using crap supplies to clean "God's house" doesn't surprise me, with all the cutbacks they are doing--I can only hope it brings shame and reproach on Jehovah's name.

    I have found that there is a balance between getting the job done and wasting supplies. For towels, one sheet is fine for small children (that's why they are so small). Adults may need 2-5 sheets, depending on how big their hands are (plus an additional 3 or 4 sheets to clean up the mess they make in the sink, since they seem to want that). Toilet paper use depends: Most people use more than 2 sheets at a time. In fact, I remember Cottonelle training sheets, set up so you stop at the puppy--after FIVE sheets). Soap usage is the maximum amount that will do the job without having excess drizzling into the sink without doing anything--and differs based on hand size and dispenser type.

    Then, there is the cleaning. If they are going to insist on cleaning the sinks after each use (and I used to do that after I used them), that takes an extra 3 sheets of towels. If you don't use enough, you have lousy cleaning. Windows and mirrors streak. Floors are not properly cleaned. Toilets are still dirty. Sinks develop water spots on the faucets and are not properly cleaned. If they are too damn cheap to invest in a good steam cleaner (which uses far less towels than water), they should accept that they are going to use more chemicals and towels to properly do the job.

  • seawolf

    I never heard of rationing toilet paper. I could imagine people getting PO'ed over that and throwing in a bunch of rolls and making the toilet erupt like old faithful.

  • Palimpsest

    I remember having to go to the service counter at assemblies to ask for women's products because they were afraid women would steal them from the stalls. They would give you one maxipad in a small bag that said "Sanitary Napkin" on it -- yes, written in black right on it -- and then you'd have to walk across the lobby to the bathroom while carrying it.

    So that was a lot of fun as a teenager.

  • blondie

    Did the Israelites use tp? No. All they had was their personal peg that they kept with them. Perhaps jws should carry their own tp.

  • designs

    1969 Dodger Stadium District Assembly, lunch time, Big Circus Tents for the kitchen and dining area on the parkling lot behind Left Field. To the left of the Dining area were a long row of portable toilets with hundreds of brothers and sisters lined 20 deep to use the potty. One older heavy weight sister got inside one of the cramped toilets and things weren't going well, panties got twisted or something, all of a sudden the door flies open and she moons the whole lunch crowd.

  • asilentone

    blondie, the tp roll would be at least little bit unsanitary after touching their rear end, then touching the tp roll and putting it away. Stupid Watchtower rules!

  • wasblind

    " The only thing I could figure is that people steal toilet paper rolls and towels and take them home; the same people that clean out all the food at the breakfast bars provided by the hotels. "

    Blondie, you mean to tell me that JW's are no different than the worldly people !!!!!!!!!

  • asilentone

    Once I had a very stupid roommate in the past, he was very fucking controlling. I hate him. He keeps lecturing me about toilet paper usage. I had to go to the gas station and "steal" some more toilet tissues and put them in my pocket to keep the peace in the home. Good Riddance that I have not seen him for years!

  • RebeccaChi

    If funding is getting tight, why not have less assemblies?

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