What "invisible" persons do you actually firmly believe in?? (and Why?)

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  • Terry

    Terry, did you see my question on page one of this thread?

    You mean about "mind"?

    You can see brain activity on an electroencephalograh, I believe. You can't see a mind without a brain and person attached, however.

    Mind is sort of tertiary to physicality and cannot demonstrably exist apart from physicality.

  • Terry

    Just because one can't see it...doesn't mean, it does not exist....

    For us to "see" in actuality a photon has to bounce off of an actually existing object and enter our eye so that our receptors can interpret the image.

    Quantum constituents are very tiny but can be described accurately. The "see" part of it is a question of strategy. Various experiments allow us to determine what and where these tiny constituencies reside. We know precisely how many protons, electrons, neutrons make up each element in matter. Just check out your Periodic Table of elements. These were logically deduced, by the way, before actual discovery of how to verify them was developed.

    All of which has exactly what to do with persons and entities?

    Are you implying God is teeny weeny?

  • FreeAtLast1914

    Firmly? God. That's it. Whatever he/she is. I can't believe that when I die that's it for all eternity.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    You cannot see the wind, however, it's there. Is the wind tiny weenie? The earth, trees and rocks possess their own consciousness, and share a gestalt consciousness/mass, even as the living portions of your body.

    You cannot see your thoughts. So does that mean that consious thought is only limited to the corporeal world? Does that mean that the series of cumulative, tiny weenie atoms, swirling together, to manifest your inner being is non existent because you cannot see the energy the moves you? Yes, and there is mass consciousness of which you are hardly aware.

    Multidimensional realities and landscapes do exists and have been proven by science as you are well aware. Atomic Consciousness is a fact.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Oh yes, back to your quantum mechanics question....QM incorporates four classes of phenomena which classical physics cannot account: An invisibility of being able to be at two places at one time as well as being able to become invisible in a parallel reality.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Yikes! I'm in no way promoting or implying, tiny weenie's! Sorry. I just caught that...

    Also, I meant QM, visibly being able to be at two places at one time as well being able becoming invisible in a parallel reality.

  • tec

    tiny weenie atoms...

    [email protected] Mindblown :)


  • alice.in.wonderland

    And these types of ventures aren't equivalent to acknowledging the supernatural (higher planes)?


    Imagining Other Dimensions

    Our brains may not be equipped to picture ten spatial dimensions, but see if you can get to at least four here.

    For most of us, or perhaps all of us, it's impossible to imagine a world consisting of more than three spatial dimensions. Are we correct when we intuit that such a world couldn't exist? Or is it that our brains are simply incapable of imagining additional dimensions—dimensions that may turn out to be as real as other things we can't detect?

    String theorists are betting that extra dimensions do indeed exist; in fact, the equations that describe superstring theory require a universe with no fewer than 10 dimensions. But even physicists who spend all day thinking about extra spatial dimensions have a hard time describing what they might look like or how we apparently feeble-minded humans might approach an understanding of them. That's always been the case, and perhaps always will be.

    The dimensions are supernatural until we have the means to detect them. You can say the same thing about the spirit realm.

  • alice.in.wonderland

    Tracing the origins of the natural world posits belief in the supernatural.

    If one insists on holding out for a scientific answer, then you will never find the answer. Any proposed explanation for the origin of the universe will be metaphysical and outside the reach of empirical science.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Though I'm a gurrlllll......I may have had tiny weenie issues in the past....... but I've learned, it's not always size that counts......

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