What "invisible" persons do you actually firmly believe in?? (and Why?)

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  • gubberningbody

    The ones I can't see, which is pretty much everyone.

  • Leolaia

    dandingus....I guess I have a thing for grey-haired brainiacs; when I was a teen I had a crush on James Burke. Actually tho the scientist guy I love the most on TV right now is Dan Risken; I watch Monsters Inside Me mostly to gawk at him. :)

    To kinda develop my earlier post, I suppose invisibility to the ordinary senses could be realized in several different ways: (1) microscopic size, (2) great distance such that the object cannot be seen, (3) rapid movement beyond the ability to see (I remember a TNG episode on this), (4) transdimensionality (similar to how a Flatlander would not be able to see a 3D person that does not interact with the Flatlander's plane), and (5) the use of technology to circumvent detection (e.g. Kaku's invisibility cloak). Did I miss any possibilities?

    I wonder how many of those who do profess a belief would think of it more as a matter of "firmly believing in" than "believing it is possible"?

  • cyberjesus

    I have one invisible friend, my gilfriend, she is invisible. Cuz I never see her! I know she exists I have been posessed by her or the other way around but then she dissapears! and she screams at night too! makes my skin crawl, actually my whole body crawls! and twists!

  • donny

    Leolaia said "Actually not really at all. I just find this guy so totally sexy."

    How funny! My wife also has the hots for this guy. She loves men who use a lot of logic and high tech language. Not sure what attracted her to me though?


    For much of my life I believed in invisible beings. Due to what seemed to be inexplicable insight, I was thought to be psychic by many friends. The difficulty is that anything that cannot be directly perceived through one of our senses could be produced by our imagination.

    My present conclusion is that though our mind is capable of much more than we realize. I do not 'believe' in any invisible being. On the other hand I say to myself that there exists the possibility that:

    "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." (Hamlet act V)

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    The Invisible man (duh), Peter Petrelli, anyone aboard a Klingon bird of prey while cloaked.

  • bohm

    Great thread!

  • Terry

    A salesman comes to your door and offers for sale an extremely valuable product which cannot be seen.

    The description of what it can do is enough to make your knees buckle!

    The only stipulation is that it will only work if you BELIEVE that it works.

    Do you pay for it and "try" it? Or, do you sneer, chuckle and slam the door?

    That is the position every householder was in that we called upon out in service when we were good little J.W.'s out in field service.

    What has changed in our own world? Every day we encounter somebody selling an invisible product which requires our treasure and our belief.

    Where do you draw the line and why???

    (P.s. What good does admitting a "possibility" really do us? It is possible that taking LSD will transform your consciousness or that one hit of cocaine will give you a wonderful exhilaration or that unprotected sex won't lead to STD's or unwanted pregnancy..........)


    Terry: What good does admitting a "possibility" really do us?

    Well Terry, it allows us room for growth. Many inventions and scientific breakthroughs were the result of examining possibilities. Most ended in dead ends but some broke new ground.

    I allow for possibilities but temper my indulgence with a huge dose of scepticism. The freedom to explore and go outside of presently known boundaries is exciting.

    Such liberation has its risks and must be strictly monitored and answerable to rationality. It is all part of the game of life. The secret is to not get caught in the trap of mysticism.

  • JWoods

    It is not nice to disrespect the beer fairy.

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