Australian brothers VERY negative comments regarding new "generations" ... some leaving Bethel..will this blow up in the Watchtowers face?

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  • tec

    Serenity - I think you're right. It becomes as much of a question of, 'could the WTS be wrong?'... as of... 'could I be wrong?'


  • notverylikely

    What's the ā€œbrother'sā€ name? Can he speak for himself? Of course not? Can you provide his name so I can verify his position? Can't do that either. But it is easy to make stuff up.

    Give me your name and number and I will have many people contact you that are dissatisfied? I will? Also use question m?arks in odd pla?ces?

  • gubberningbody

    I understand Jaracz lasts words were...

    "To bzdura...ja, ja, ja!!!"

  • tec

    Palmtree67 is just trying to run me down with degrading speech like others do here while they have the opportunity. I'm not particularity interested in acquiring this repugnant, malignant personality trait.

    Since you added this part after, I didn't even know it was there.

    I should remind you, Alice, that Palm opened up and trusted you with personal information. Up until you abused that trust, she was being nice to you, and understanding of your position here.


  • flipper

    Very good thread. Thanks for posting this. Here is how I see it. I agree with On The Way Out that the WT society is in crisis mode. The WT society HAS to keep tampering and tweaking the " generation " theory in order to keep JW's connected and invested emotionally. The longer the 21st century keeps moving along to 2040, 2050 , and beyond I agree with the thread title and other posters that GRADUALLY some , or perhaps a larger number than usual of Jehovah's Witnesses may start getting nervous and give up the ghost. Especially young witnesses who have their whole lives ahead of them - they will go to greener pastures . Look at the statistics- they already are. 2 out of 3 born-in JW's leave usually between ages 18 - 35 yrs. old. Out of my nieces and nephews and my children - 4 out of 8 have left the witnesses . Aged 21 - 35.

    As regards my JW family still in - also I agree with OTWO that we need to take advantage of this crazy " overlap generation " theory to make our JW families think. REALLY think. Since they just studied this mind control slow drip drivel a couple weeks ago at the WT study - I'm letting it sink into my family a bit - then I will ask them to explain it to me . See what their take is. I think many of us with JW relatives still inside by addressing this insane " generation overlap " can make a difference in planting even MORE seeds of doubt in JW relatives. I feel more JW's will gradually exit, but it will take time

  • elderelite


    I find it interesting that you are not a fan of the new generation teaching. The Dolphin in flipper was actualley played, not by one dolphin but 5.

    Thus there was an OVERLAPPING of flippers. So i would think that by extension you would love this new overlapping generation WT thing. Of course I also cheer whenever a Killer Whale attacks someone at seaworld, so what do i know

  • chrisjoel

    Hey Alice

    maybe theres something that has tugged on you that made you evalutate how you believe and maybe you put it in the back of your mind, or are trying to come to terms with the emotion of it all.that it just might not be the truth..... get as upset as you need to get, but arent you glad this board is here? Even if you end up never leaving the JWs you gotta admit there are a lot of reasons BEYOND ANYTHING ever discussed at a meeting as to why ppl just dont feel its the truth anymore :) Denying is what you keep doing until tears fall.

  • teel

    HQ: interresting theory. I don't think it's true though. From what I understand from the Bible, God always worked on a human level, not organizational one. Don't forget that this sect is important only for us, in the greater scheme of things it's just one sect among many-many others. If your theory would be right, then we should see something along the same lines in technically all religions all around the world, or else it means this sect is indeed something special for God to give them so much attention.

    No, what I think is going on is simply the GB is catering to the core audience. Just about all changes in the last 10 years or so have one (or both) of these qualifiers: 1. make it easier to stay inside the cult, and 2. strengthen the control over members. I believe this all goes down to what was mentioned on this thread too: the hardliners are what's important to them. That is actually a sound company policy for any corporation, including religious ones.

  • designs

    I think Knorr realized early on that his religion was prone to high turnover. 80% of the Bible Students had left Rutherford in the late 20s and 30s.

    Keep getting fresh recuits and send up the Reserves, any general understands that scenario when he's losing 50% of his troops in battle.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I sincerely hope the bethel brother is my ex wifes brother in law and leaves it in disgust,

    that may pave the way for my ex wife to also re think her life too, and the evil things she has perpertrated against me and our children.

    I hope she is one of the few who may wake up and be troubled at the DC this year.

    It is a slim hope...


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