Australian brothers VERY negative comments regarding new "generations" ... some leaving Bethel..will this blow up in the Watchtowers face?

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    A brother I spoke with from Bethel to me seemed discouraged and lacking zeal latley...he spoke of leaving which shocked me since he was there for decades...he left to get a full time job!!! I cant believe it. It was his whole reason for living since I've known him! Others have said the new doctrine of "blended generations" of anionted seeing Armagedon is "confusing" or "I just don't get it" brother my only close friend is furious and said I qoute..."they seem to be blowing smoke up our ass!" A week later he's texting me about finding "bad things about Rutherford...Bethsarim on Youtube..."

    In 30 years I hope to be alive to see this Blow up in the Watchtowers face! WHAT THEN? Watchtower 2045 = "The Generation that knew the Generation the new Generation...we welcome our new 27 year old anionted Governing body members..."

  • OnTheWayOut

    This is going to be troubling. They knew it when they released it. But they are operating in crisis mode. If they do something, there is trouble. If they do nothing, the trouble is worse because virtually all the young ones will leave and the older ones are tiring of waiting.

    This latest urgent message, while troubling, will allow them to beg and prod the members for their inheritance of their lifesavings. "Give it to us instead of those kids that left the truth." It will allow the current Governing Body to stay in the limelight the rest of their lives- possibly the real goal.

    It is trouble and we need to exploit that. I think it won't blow up in their faces in 30 years, but it will be trouble now and will blow up in 50 or more years when the ridiculousness of extending the lives finally is seen by members and they offer something else. But the ridiculousness can be seen now, so we need to point it out. Your bethel friend saw it and so can others.

  • LongHairGal


    It seems they have been 'blowing smoke.....' for generations it seems. I am not gloating over this because it seems such a tragedy for anybody who fervently 'believed' in this religion. I know what it is like to feel like you have been sucker punched and what a sick feeling in your stomach once you have realized what a fool you have been to have fallen for this even a little bit.

    I am almost ten years into a 'fade' so the feeling has worn off and has been replaced by contempt. I wish all these people well in finding their way out.

  • minimus

    They have historically gotten more conservative and demanding. The Organization allows no liberal views. It's hardline. And the idea is "we'd rather have a small core of true believers than a large number of faithless ones."

  • JWoods
    They have historically gotten more conservative and demanding. The Organization allows no liberal views. It's hardline. And the idea is "we'd rather have a small core of true believers than a large number of faithless ones."

    Anybody who doubts this has only to read the 9/15/2010 Watchtower.

  • peacedog

    Honestly, if the rank and file swallow the latest "generation" interpretation, well then the GB can pretty much convince them of anything, can't they?

    In 30 or 50 years or whatever the number is, they'll come up some new interpretation of "this generation", maybe regurgitating the 1995 or 2008 interpretation.... eventually they'll once again come up with a way to tie it to a 'short' time frame in some absurd manner..... and the dubbies will eat it up.

    Wash, rinse, repeat.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Agree with Min and Jwoods. The hard core 20% will rally close to the Borg. My friend had a discussion with someone about this and there response to the change...'Well that was never a core doctrine.' WTF?!?

    This will just serve to bring the truly brain-conditioned into even more sub-servience to the GB.

  • jookbeard

    from the WTS leaderships point of view I would say that this is worrying, their BS cant last surely huge cracks are now appearing

  • Gayle

    Witness007,,thank you for sharing this response,,I hope this will be the 'last straw for many',,it is sad,,but I hope such attitude will trickle down to others with time,,it is now easy for them to check YouTube and sites and hopefully their momentum of freedom will pick up. It is a bitter thing for people who have spent their best years, and now have disappointment..but when younger ones hear of this, they will consider this circumstance and do what they need to avoid this.

    Seeing this is almost like watching a type of 'avalanche' start, even if it is a small avalanche. Of course, I don't expect a total avalanche,,but partial would be grand.

    Many JWs may not be thinking anything about the slight "generation" rumble, may not even feel it now,,but if they notice strong ones, mature ones start running, maybe they'll reconsider. The GB count on the ones noticing to not say anything or enforce to throw out them before they can say anything.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Funny but most Witnesses I talked to still don't fully understand sister this week even after the Watchtower study didn't get it.....she said she hoped the "end" would come in the next 5 years since she can't "hold on" with all her problems....she said things can't possibly get any worse...I had to almost use a chalk and black board to try to Explain the "new light."

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