Australian brothers VERY negative comments regarding new "generations" ... some leaving Bethel..will this blow up in the Watchtowers face?

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    To continue with Blondie's excellent comment about "having too much invested..."

    One of the most important principles of investing is to know when to cut your losers short - thereby taking a LOSS - and to let your winners run.

    JWs are "invested" in a spiritual Ponzi scheme with "Brother Bernie Madoff" - the WTB&TS.

    All of the so-called "profits" shown on his ledger sheet have been invented - for example, all the "prophetic fulfilments" that occurred in 1919. Completely unsubstantiated, baseless claims that get the ignorant rand-and-file all revved up and ready to invest another 10% of their lives. When we look behind the curtain, we see a stack of decomposing corpses who based their hopes for the future on earlier, pre-"new light" statements.

    "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" - in my pants!

    Jehovah's Witnesses may not be the happiest people on earth, but they certainly are among the most unskilled "investors" of all time, letting their losses run and cutting their profits short.

    "We have only ONE resource - our lifetime - and from the wise investment of that time all other profits flow." -- Saint Natas, 2010


    "I have to disagree with Outlaw on this one.

    Quite right of you not to be worried about your elders, Alice.

    Being a mentally ill, single mother, you are probably one of the "expendable" ones in the congregation.

    I doubt they give a crap about your eternal welfare, let alone whether you post here or not.

    This is probably the most attention you've gotten in a looooong time."

    No, I'm very well liked in my congregation. My family has a deep heritage in the Houston area. My grandfather's construction company actually built the Hall I attend (River Oaks congregation) decades ago. Palmtree67 isn't it documented on your publisher's record card you're a congregation's social outcast? Seems you have little room to speak. Keep talking like a POS and it will stay that way.

  • Quandry

    Houston area. My grandfather's construction company actually built the Hall I attend (River Oaks congregation)

    Well, we're getting closer.

    Quandry------Houston.....not too far from River Oaks congregation......

  • jam

    maybe someone can answer my question...After the death of the apostles over 2000 yrs. ago

    and according too the wt. teaching, a large number of 144000 was replace when Russell begain

    this religion, in other words there was no group of people on earth to speak for God for over 2000 yrs.

    A time when there was no one that had the hope too fly around in heaven.

    Maybe Iam reaching here but the logic is, if the jw,s justify that God chose Russell

    to speak for him when the Bible clearly show all the prophets where pick by other prophets within

    their generation, not 2000yrs later.. That means the generations thing could go on for ever...

  • TD


    The 95 explanation was flawed at a very basic semantic level. The temporal preposition, "until" requires that the situation it describes be predicated upon a condition that is satisfied early in time

    If 'A' will not happen until 'B' happens, then 'B' must occur before 'A'

    This prepositional logic was satisfied by the pre-95 explanation where the terms were defined thus:

    "This generation" = Those who see 1914

    "Pass away" = Die from old age

    "All these things" = The entire sign preceding Armageddon

    "Those who see 1914 will not all die from old age until the entire sign preceding Armageddon occurs."

    In 1995, the terms were redefined:

    "This generation" = People contemporary with the sign who take no note

    "Pass away" = Execution at Armageddon

    "All these things" = The entire sign preceding Armageddon.

    "People contemporary with the sign who take no note will not be executed at Armageddon until the entire sign preceding Armageddon occurs."

    That is a meaningless tautology because there's absolutely no conditionality between the dependent condition (being executed at Armageddon) and the situation that precedes it. (The sign preceding Armageddon) Of course the sign precedes Armageddon

    I think this bothered Witnesses even if they couldn't put their finger on exactly what was wrong.

  • palmtree67
    Keep talking like a POS and it will stay that way.

    Your masters must be so proud of you.

    Palmtree67 isn't it documented on your publisher's record card you're a congregation's social outcast?

    If you think I care what they think or say about me at this point, you will need to try harder, little girl. Remember it was me who went to the police about them and them who were charged.

    They should be worried what I think of them.

    They should be worried what God thinks of what they did.

  • agonus

    "What did they gain from that"

    A renewed sense of urgency perhaps now that they have a (sort of) timeframe again? Something to beat the apathy and stagnation?

  • tec

    Alice - I'm going to leave the mentally ill part out for now, but...

    I think what Palm was saying is that the elders wouldn't care as much about a single mom. (To their detriment, not the single mom's) Not that she wouldn't care about a single mom. Or even that being a single mom makes the mom somehow unworthy of being cared for in the same way as someone in high standing.

    (If you're saying something else, Palm, then I overstepped. But I think some took it that you think she's a lesser human being because she is a single mom and/or mentally ill)



    Because the generation in Matthew 24:34 applies to a time frame and classification of people it can only be accurately defined with the passage of time, unless God provided a divine revelation that explained every Biblical matter like in this photo:


    I'm not a single mom. Palmtree67 is just trying to run me down with degrading speech like others do here while they have the opportunity. I'm not particularity interested in acquiring this repugnant, malignant personality trait.

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