Australian brothers VERY negative comments regarding new "generations" ... some leaving Bethel..will this blow up in the Watchtowers face?

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  • Gayle

    I had to almost use a chalk and black board to try to Explain the "new light."

    Comical, that the mis-labelled apostates have to explain the 'new light' of the GB to the rank & file. This is the most humorous, sad story.

  • undercover

    This is good news...

    Sure, a good many dubs will just nod their heads and accept whatever tripe the GB hands down without even so much as trying to understand it...

    but maybe there are also a good many who haven't completely shut their brains down and as they try to understand this new 'generation' teaching, they'll come to the realization that maybe, just maybe, the GB is full of it, or at best is guessing.

    Once those doubts start to surface, it's only a matter of time before they're here posting...


    The Generation Change is going to piss off a lot of JW`s..

    Too Bad!!..

    The WBT$ does not care..

    The WBT$ attitude is..

    If you don`t like the WBT$..GET OUT!!..

    There are plenty of JW`s that do..Thats who the WBT$ wants..

    The rest of you can all walk west,till your hat floats..

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • blondie

    The 1995 generation pissed people off, a lot of jws that thought they would live to see the end, never dying but they stayed. They have too much invested.

  • JWoods
    The 1995 generation pissed people off, a lot of jws that thought they would live to see the end, never dying but they stayed. They have too much invested.

    Strange now to think that 1995 was fifteen years ago.

  • IsaacJ22

    I tend to agree with Blondie. I'm sure some people will finally throw up there hands and leave, but the majority will just stay. Problems like this have happened many times before and the WTS is still here. If you're hoping to see the tower fall in your life time, I really wouldn't get my hopes up about this one.

    Still, if you know any Witnesses who are near the fence, this might be enough to put them on it. You might be able to tip them over.

    Beyond that, I wouldn't count on this doing very much. Sorry. :(

  • Cadellin

    They have too much invested

    Bingo! That's it exactly, exactly what I'm seeing in my own relatives. It truly is a matter of "Where else can we go?" Sadly, they have given everything to this organization and would literally lose it all if they left. It's especially true for born-ins with the entire extended family all super-zealous. Damn.

  • Violia

    The theme of the DC being to stay close to the org. Stay close and do what they say, no matter how irrational it sounds. There are so many elders and jws in right now that do not agree with a lot of the doctrines yet they will stay b/c if you are at least a 2nd generation jws they have your family. Many of us that grew up in the org are 3+ generation. Also, even those that leave will sometimes shun you if you leave for apostacy.

  • snowbird

    The WT is still reeling from the 1995 "generation" mess.


  • miseryloveselders

    1995, that is crazy. It's been that long now? Wow. I had just graduated high school at that time. I was talking with my dad last week and I expressed my usual reservations, but never do I go too far with it. But I told him, if I reach age 60 in "this system of things", I'm gonna be very angry. His response floored me. He said, "no you won't. You'll accept it and continue on, like I did. You get older and you learn to go with the flow." I might have his words mixed up just a bit, but that pretty much was his response to me. He also said, "what they were telling us years ago about it almost being here was all crap. Now we see things coming to a climax in this world. Never has it been this bad. You'll live to see it Misery. I'll probably be gone, but you'll see it!" I love this man dearly, idolize him so much, and he's done far too much for me to ever hurt him. But reality is what it is, and he's deluded. I guess like others mentioned, he's got too much invested in this religion.

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