What books, songs, artists, movies, etc were banned in your JW home?

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  • serenitynow!

    My mother was very strict about entertainment. She would go to the library to check and see what I was reading. In school I was doing a project about teen suicide and had checked out some books on suicide and abortion. I had alot of explaining to do for that. I remember my mom once ripped up a VC Andrews book I was reading. It really sucked because I had checked it out from the library. Looking back now VC Andrews writes books about horrible things, definitely not appropriate for a kid.

    My mom banned Janet Jackson's "Control" because it was about rebelling against your mother. And by banning it I mean she snapped my 45 in two. I really liked Olivia Newton-John's "Let's get physical" but mom wouldn't let me listen to that. I asked her why, it's about working out for pete's sake! Funny though she pretty much let me listen to everything of Madonna's. Anything that was even remotely about sex was out- unless the person listening to it was married. That was my mom's thing, she would say, "oh this song is only for married people."

    I can remember in movies having to walk out for portions of it, or close my eyes for portions. It was insane. I rarely got to watch a movie from beginning to end as a kid. I remember watching "The Color Purple" there was always a part when my mother would turn the channel for several minutes. I never knew what happened during those minutes. It wasn't until I became an adult that I was able to watch that movie all the way through. I was like oh, so that's what was going on- a lesbian scene. I felt so wicked watching it (lol), I felt like calling my mother to tell her I knew what she had been hiding all those years.

    It's funny the way she used to censor everything when I was a kid, in her old age now she lets my nephew watch whatever. I was over there one day she had a movie on, and a topless women is just walking around, she didn't change it or anything. I was like "Mom, what the heck!" She was like "ehh, whatever."

    Is it that my mom was "special" or was anyone else censored like me?

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    Banned in my Home:

    1:) Smurfs! (Demonic Blue Beasts!)

    2:) John Denver Music or Movies (due to some comments he made about not liking JW's)

    3:) He-Man and Masters of the Universe and She-Ra (due to "witchcraft/sorcery")

    4:) For a very short time, Pac-Man (due to "ghosts") and Super Mario (due to "magical mushroom kingdom"). Then my parents caved in on this.

    5:) Hobgoblin (Spider-Man villain who was considered "Satanic")

    6:) Wrestling or Boxing (due to "extreme violence")

    7:) Hunting for Sport

    8:) Dungeons & Dragons

    9:) Eight-Balls

    10:) Ouija Boards

    11:) Ghost Busters

    12:) Any kind of "Horror" movie.

    13:) Anything connected to "witchcraft" except Disney movies were okay.

    14:) For a very short time in 1989, Batman, because there was some JW rumor going around about the new Michael Keaton/Jack Nicholson Batman movie having to do with demonic activity.

    15:) Beavis and Butthead.

  • undercover

    I could spend all day thinking back through all the TV, books and movies that were banned.

    But to give you a clue how irrational my mother was...

    Lucky Charm cereal was banned in our house... They're magically delicious, ya know...

    It's pretty bad when food is banned because of religious superstition

  • snowbird

    I was like your mother, Serenity.

    My oldest daughter is completely screwed.


  • ShirleyW

    Yes girl, I feel your pain, it's kinda sad when you're listening to the radio from childhood all the way up to adulthood and if your mother is in the room you know she's gonna say "get that music off that radio, I'm not trying to bring Satan into this house"!

  • dgp

    I understand why people ban stuff, but the ouija board is ridiculous. This statement

    The Ouija board was first introduced to the American public in 1890 as a parlor game sold in novelty shops

    is found here:


    When I was a kid, a neighbor of ours (a VERY PARTICULAR KIND OF MORMOM, by the way) did believe in these things, and was always telling us children supernatural stuff and the like. She would also let the neighborhood children borrow her Ouija board for "practice". Of course I was among the curious and I had it at home for a while, in order to communicate with the spirits, none of whom ever showed up.

    The real demons behind a Ouija board are the guys who sell it .

  • mrsjones5

    My father tried to get me to throw out my Michael Jackson Thriller album.

  • serenitynow!

    "John Denver Music or Movies (due to some comments he made about not liking JW's)"

    I heard that was just urband legend. They say the same thing about Earth, Wind, and Fire telling JWs to leave the concert because they were about to do some kind of witchcraft or something. I don't think that was true either.

    My mom used to change the channel or turn the volume down (that irritated me to no end) during The Ten Commandments. There were various parts where they didn't quite stick closely enough to the scriptural account, so mommy would turn the sound down and sit by the TV with the big brown reference bible (anyone remember that) and read to us the parts Hollywood was getting wrong.

  • BluesBrother

    None.....If I had had those kind of parents I would have left home. Once we were married it was evident that we had differing opinions as to what was acceptable to a "trained Christian conscience"....In theory, as the head of the house my decision would have been final. Of course it was not like that , as it is not with any other household either in dubland.

    In the end we agreed to differ. I kept my "Satanic" music and she kept her dubious films ....peace and harmony and common sense prevailed . I would never let anybody from the congregation censer our entertainment and never criticised anybody else's .....

  • undercover

    I remember my mom quickly dragging us kids out of the toy aisle whenever she saw the stack of Ouija boards. Like the demons were gonna jump out of the box and into our shopping cart.

    We had a chess set, but we had to cut the crosses off the kings.

    A relative gave us some GI Joes, complete with action gear and weapons. My mom threw away everything except the doll itself. Even threw away his army field jacket because it had a US flag on it. Poor Joe...sitting in the toy box, forlorn and weaponless. The Toy Story movie folks should make a movie about how JW toys were treated...

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