What books, songs, artists, movies, etc were banned in your JW home?

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  • serenitynow!

    "My father tried to get me to throw out my Michael Jackson Thriller album. "

    That's funny, my parents never gave an option. My mother would just break it, or tear it up. Discussion over. I'm also ashamed to say that I shunned MJ for a while, refusing to listen to any of his stuff because he d/a'd. Or I thought he did. My JW cousin was like "are you crazy" when I told him not to play it when I was riding in his car.

  • JediMaster

    Smurfs. Thundercats. He-Man and MoU. TV/movies: Anything with any slight hint of magic or witchcraft. Any sort of fighting that lasted for more than 10 seconds. Anything beyond kissing on the cheeks. Any movies my parents felt were ok but had some of this in them, I also remember having to close my eyes during. This was such a huge deal, I actually find myself still doing it sometimes.

    Anything connected to "witchcraft" except Disney movies were okay.

    Same in my house... does anyone know of any movies with more magic and witchcraft than Disney movies???? Talk about being hypocritical.

    Music: anything that had just been released. You know the witnesses' stupid fear of anything that's new and unheard of?? Yah, after a while, it would be ok, as long as it wasn't anything "heavy" or "rap".

    Jedi Master.

  • serenitynow!

    dgp, we didn't mess around with anything ouija board related. I remember I was going to watch one of the "creature feature" movies that come on every Saturday, saw a ouija board in the beginning, turned that off immediately. Even now, I don't believe in god or the devil anymore, I'm still not messing with that board.

    And UC, you know we used to believe the demons could definitely jump out of the box onto you.

  • QuestioningEverything

    When I was a kid, my mom was somewhat lax as far as entertainment went. She is much stricter with her grandchildren, doesn't allow them to watch the "Avatar-last airbender", Yu-gio(spelling?), or some Scooby-Do episodes-you know how much magic and scorcery those shows have. It's ridiculous.

    The funny thing is that she loves "Southpark"!! Isn't that one of the crudest-but hilarious- shows on TV?

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    CALLAN 1960's violent private eye/ secret service agent series. Edward Woodward. Thursday night after the meeting. Looking at snippets on YouTube I wonder what all the fuss was about.


  • UnDisfellowshipped

    And in the modern 2000's, I hear that Harry Potter is forbidden, as are all R-rated films among most JWs.

  • dgp

    I was just trying to say that the Ouija board is a scam. That's the only demonic part of it. The rest is credulity. I know, however, that many people would disagree, my own mother included.

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    I would always hear Elders say at the Meetings: "You must NOT watch violent or rough sports on TV! This is another form of Satan's subtle attack on us!"

    Then those same Elders would go home and watch the NFL Football or NHL Hockey games they had recorded!

    Football was king in my state among JW Elders!

  • Hecklerboy

    Mom would turn the channel if any sex scene or kissing scene came on. I can still hear her say "That's disgusting" and turning the channel.

    She burned my Duran Duran "Rio" Tape because of a line about demons.

    All the usual JW bullsh!t from smurfs to KISS.

    I also could have a BB gun or anything to do with the mility. I remeber I had a really cool poster of a lady army helicopter pilot on my wall. She ripped it down soon after I put it up.

    She still hates that I have a goatee and won't even talk about me teaching karate. (oh yeah, that was banned as well)

  • ambersun

    All pop music was banned in our house for being demonic - no exceptions.

    Most films. Only old black and white pre WWII films and musicals were deemed suitable and safe to watch without censor.

    Toby jugs, horse brasses, those little troll dolls (pre Smurf days).

    In more recent years, Soap operas (like Coronation Street).

    Anything even remotely connected with spiritism or magic - the list is endless.

    Anything even remotely connected with 'false religiion' - again, the list is endless.

    Just like serenitynow's Mum, my Mom has also mellowed a lot over the years and my teenage niece is allowed to listen to pop music and watch TV and films in Mom's living room with no interference. She still won't let me watch Coronation Street when I'm visiting though

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