I feel so alone within Jw's

by XPeterX 85 Replies latest jw experiences

  • White Dove
    White Dove


    I was a born in JW and never ever had close JW friends. I was plenty friendly, but they didn't want my friendship. I was always trying to be a good JW, so maybe they were living double lives that I would not fit into.

    I was the loneliest person in the khall.

    I was always able to make non-JW friends, though.

    That's telling, in a way.

  • jookbeard

    68; I'm just giving him a reality check, he needs to wake up a little

  • thraxer68

    You may have good intentions, but you might want to be a little more sensitive. Reality checks are a good thing............to people who can handle them, IDK, I just know how bad this stuff can get so I try to be careful with what I say because I dont know if this kid is majorly depressed or just feeling a little down. If its the latter, a comment like that is far from helpful, thats just my two cents....

  • isaacaustin

    BlackSheep, I have never needed any meds. Sorry. You seem pretty sane, so I would not assume you ever needed any either.

  • thraxer68

    Oops, not the latter, the earlier, thats what I meant, not the latter of the two...

  • changeling

    I don't think this one's a troll, and if he is, he's not an annoying one.

    Anyhooo... Peter: making friends is not always easy. Your problems may not be JW related, as many people had lots of friends when they were active witnesses. Of course, it may depend on the congregation you attend...

    You may want to speak to a counselor about some of the issues you've mentioned on this board, maybe they can suggest some things you can do to round out your personality and improve your social skills. You're a young man, just starting out. Get the skills you need now (education, social...) and your future will be bright. :)

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    You seem pretty sane ........

    I remembered my meds



  • isaacaustin

    Actually I do need my coffee in the morning! LOL

  • NiceDream

    I'm sorry you feel that way XPeterX, I've been feeling lonely at the hall for 10 years and was sticking it out, hoping my prayers would be answered too.

    When I was a teen, my friends stopped hanging out with me because they were leaving the organization and getting into trouble and didn't want to involve me.

    As a young adult, unless you're "in" with the social clique, you don't have much chance for any invites if you're in an unsocial hall like mine. Growing up we'd have dances and picnics, but that all stopped when some elders got too carried away imposing rules. The fun stopped...no "decades" or dress up parties, etc.

    Being an adult can be a difficult time. Your good friends could have moved away, or you have different interests and priorities and just drift apart. Finding new friends can be easy though, just join a community group or program like a hiking or run club (whatever you're interested in), and you'll make new friends in no time.

    If you still believe in God, I would also recommend reading the Bible. I have found more comfort in the scriptures now than ever before. And I've found new Christian friends that I can talk about faith with who don't judge my ideas.

  • BANE

    If you donĀ“t feel like you have friends then WATCH the young people ask DVD. How do I make friends? It has got some great pointers. I have been to MANY halls and always walked away with good friends. People that LOVE the truth, will love you. These apostates here do not love you. Nor God anymore. They are false friends like Job had.

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