A sneak peek of the future, June 23, 2010

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    I am so glad that I am done with the stupid bible.


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    kurtbethel - afoot, whoa!

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    How do you insert youtube videos in here? Tonight I'll post everything that happened that I was referring to!

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    Just copy & paste the full URL address.

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    I fortell EoM posting more youtube videos of protesters yelling at cops, and claims that the cars set on fire were created by 'police disguised as protesters' - to create an excuse to for testing out non-lethal weapontry on protesters.

    Of course, EoM didn't have the balls to just say that's what will happen 5 days ago - probably because 'there will be protesters clashing with riot control' isn't a big shocking secret - most people just expect that sort of thing to happen at these events. Predicting a clash between protesters and police is like predicting a clash between a dog and a cat. Whatever he was hoping for didn't materialize - so now it's time to fall back on conspiracy theories.

    I've already seen 2 of the videos he's posted - it's just the same old same old. "Peaceful protesters" (who are wearing masks over their faces and waving sticks in the air at police) being told by police that they are becomming agressive and need to disperse.

    If someone wants to impress us with a prediction - be specific. Being vague in your prophecies doesn't make you mysterious, it makes you a coward - you didn't even have enough confidence in your predictions to level with us.

    - Lime

  • asilentone

    eom, the only thing you accomplished is that you got 1,668 views.

  • EndofMysteries

    Here we go......................this is from Canada G20 a few days ago. If you do some research into Pittsburg last year, you'll see this going on in USA too.

    First, this is what those who read the news or mainstream media have been lead to believe........That the 1 billion spent was needed for security. After many complaints bout what the Police were doing, on Saturday protestors attacked and got 2 to police cruisers, set them on fire, and caused mass havok and chaos. The police had a right from then on to get especially extra aggressive in actions and detaining more people.

    Before even going any further and showing live videos of what actually happened......a few legitimate questions to ask yourself. 1. WHY with the history of G20 summit meetings, would they continue to have them AND close off a major city, when it could easy be held in Washington, Teleconference, etc? 2. Why ONE BILLION, and with that, ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY AT ALL for any of the businesses in the city which may be damaged. 3. WHY 20,000 police and guards for under 10,000 protestors? (with that being said, HOW were they able to put fire to police cruisers and for no police to be around if they FAR outnumber protestors?) You have been told the crowd got too dangerous and outnumbered and pushed them back. (THE VIDEO WILL SHOW OTHERWISE!!!!!)

    SO in the good spirit of the forum. You can practice old habits like when you were a JW and dismiss everything as 'apostate'. Or THINK, use your brain. Anyone who makes any comments along the lines of 'o thats just conspiracy theorists', my reply is, well to all JW's your also a 'conspiracy theorists' about the GB!

    Making sure I can post vids, after this first one, will prob have bout 20 in here.

    This first one, go to 3:16 - You'll see the so called riot police being forced away from the police cruisers. Yup, I guess they were scared of the photographers! THEN at 8:38 - you'll be told what really happened. They drove in there, 2 cruisers, and all those riot police, then made a C shape, and backed off for no reason. They then LEFT the cruisers there, and they were there alone for SIX OR SEVEN HOURS!!!!! THEN came the supposed anarchist, who set it to fire. And it was left on fire for ONE HOUR. Now, at a protest where police and riot guards OUTNUMBER the protestors MORE THEN TWO TO ONE! Why would they just leave it there, for that long, and let it burn for that long? ASIDE FROM if they sent in 'provocateurs'. We are just getting started........this is just so you can see the BS in how they were put on fire.


  • EndofMysteries

    Part 2 of the above video - part 2 of the above video

    Below is news caster at abandoned vehicles long before set on fire

    News caster at the 'abandoned vehicles'

    The below video, you will see as one of the 70-100+ cameras installed to view all parts of the city. The police KNEW exactly what was going on, and where everyone was. In addition to not having any police there, to them backing off, and to not arresting those who did set fire, it will be obvious no excuse not to have caught those doing the damage, UNLESS they were planted.

    View from POLICE CAMERA on building

    Before going further......do Police at the G20 meetings have a history of planting in fake rioters to start violence or cause damage so they have an excuse against the protestors??????? THIS VIDEO BELOW WILL WAKE YOU UP!!!!! It has a few things i was gonna put in, but all put together nicely. Just fast fwd to 2:22 (first 2 minutes are a waste)

    go to 2:22 and look at the rest

  • tec

    Have you seen Battle in Seattle, EOM? It sheds some light on why police don't always 'do' something at these G8's.


  • EndofMysteries

    If need more evidence of the violence and chaos being PLANTED, I can post a whole lot more. Moving on though..........Hopefully might be starting to realize that brainwashing and your thoughts are being controlled in way similar as to KH. Most at these protests were peaceful. OTHER then trying to 'prove' that the 1 billion was needed and excuse for all this very suspicious security, settings, why its there, etc, WHAT did allowing this to happen accomplish?

    IT then gave them an excuse to do this!!!!!

    Next few videos are brutality, harrassment, women molested, rights and laws bypassed and suspended, training and preparation using these people as training for what they are expecting to be a future reality soon! And since most of your opinions are based on how the news media reports, it's also a test that they can get away with it!!! You'll believe what your told on TELEVISION!!!!

    Several HUNDRED police, ganging up and harrassing 30 people sitting down

    I HAVE to put this, this was last year at Pittsburg, this girl is SHOVED off her bike, then the police using a nightstick and slams it in her face. You'll see her on news after it became very public, if you can't tell, she is SCARED and plays it off so she 'doesn't go to jail' (I guarantee was threatened) AND AND Look at her face, you'll see the BIG BLUE BRUISE SHE IS HIDING behind her glasses, where that cop bashed her face with the nightstick!!!

    girl bashed in face with nightstick

    Back to this year.....here is a man being punched who offered no resistance to arrest.

    <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdCCkB0pfek"> man punched out </a>

    There is more coming and more to be disclosed.......check in a few minutes.......

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