A sneak peek of the future, June 23, 2010

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    2 videos didn't show in last post.......

    the police ganging on 30 at the summit is here

    police aggression here is the man punched out man punched out here is a JOURNALIST who was detained with 25 OTHER WOMEN, some who say they were molested. journalist attacked and detained

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    These news articles showing powers given to them just before, allowing illegal arrests and searches.

    http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/828752--police-powers-before-and-after-the-g20 - police powers before and after

    http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/torontog20summit/article/828372--man-arrested-and-left-in-wire-cage-under-new-g20-law - arrested for not showing ID

    http://www.cbc.ca/politics/story/2010/06/24/g20-security-threat-car.html - camper arrested

    http://news.nationalpost.com/2010/06/25/g20-toronto-police-clarify-new-arrest-powers/ - new arrest powers

    The REAL protests, was peaceful. The crazy chaos you see on TV, was the provocateurs and clearly when the police allowed that stuff to happen.

    Peaceful protests vid

    real protests

    More brutality, journalists being attacked


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    Riot police shoot this girl 3 times!!!! Trying to find more on this one. Was rubber bullets and stuff but at point blank and when she didn't do anything!!!!???

    <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oETzR2pTw0M"> girl shot </a>

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    Last vid didn't post, the girl being shot girl shot

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    The last vid I just posted, I just found on the spot.....he may have just fired 'next' to her. May not have fired on her. Even with what I'm posted, I found that very shocking. So maybe she wasn't directly shot.

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    I'll put some more info tomorrow.

    If you wanna do your own research, type in g20 (sort by upload date) to see many vids people posting.

    If you wanna see some things in the USA, g20 pittsburg (very shocking what you'll see happened last year!)

    Also search for g20 provocateurs, will find many news stories and videos, as well as police statements themselves confirming this does and is happening.

    One thing to consider to if going to wake up and research, and try to see what's going on, this is my personal viewpoint and input so far.....

    1. Respect government authorities. The alternative to iron fist and police like state, is none at all. None at all would bring mass chaos, and a mad max scenario. If police and control were gone, how quick until all supermarkets looted, neighborhood gangs, etc get out of hand? Keep that in mind.

    2. In regards to bible prophecy.......still not finished there.....from what I see so far....is the future government, is also "God's Rod of Anger" in Isaiah. Sort of the same role Neb had. He destoryed Jerusalem, but for those faithful to him, they were fairly okay and unharmed.

    Right now too early and got a lot more to study. I suggest any interested or concerned as well by all this do the same.

    This whole post was merely to help awaken some, so they can prepare mentally, spiritually, etc, and this not to take them by surprise.

    The experience will be similar to when you found out the truth about the truth. Many will also mentally block themselves from the truth. Those on this forum are less likely since they already experienced something similar.

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    A little break, and you need a good laugh, this guy trolled some of the police into thinking he was a legit "agent provacateur" during the G20


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    I don't know if I should do a new thread tomorrow (if bumping this one, those who would be interested aren't because the title doesn't say much?)

  • Caedes
    It's a 'preview' of what you will wake up to one day. It is related to ban of religion, peace and security.
    Although many details and specifics, still on a much hazy outline of how things will be transpiring. (from the bible)
    As for 'time to freak out', the real scary thing is when the the 'world' realizes the 'time to freak out' actually began some years ago. The iron fist of the governments will in a way be a good thing, the lesser evil of worldwide chaos. (think New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina on the worldwide scale, etc) Either Peace and Security call is because of the united of the governments under a One World Government, OR because chaos will erupt and the cry for it.
    At this point if you don't believe in the bible, please explain how these things were correctly foretold. If you do believe in it.....the last thing you want to do is panick, if you do, then your 'asleep' and better wake up quick so you know what to expect and how to react.

    Funny, how after the fact the 'predictions' suddenly aren't the topic and it's all about protestors and the police, what happened to the prediction about 'one world government'?

    So which was wrong EOM, you or the bible?

  • asilentone

    eom, I know that you are trying to save your face in this thread. You are not doing a good job.

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