A sneak peek of the future, June 23, 2010

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  • EndofMysteries

    forget there was any protest, forget anything about a demonstration. That has nothing to do with it.

    The issue, is all of this is 'training', rounding up people, searching, putting them in these temp detention centers, creating a secure perimeter in the middle of large cities, tests on how controlling these large crowds by various means, what works what doesn't work, how will the public respond when certain things are done and with video evidence, can targeted groups be easily framed, etc etc etc

    If you think that over a billion to have a 'private' closed to the public meeting of world leaders, in the middle of the largest city of a country, creating a secure barrier in the middle of it, creating detention centers and crowd control, arresting people in crowds, 20,000 guards far outnumbering protestors, if you took offense to being a 'sheeple' as a JW, then believing this is just a meeting and makes perfect sense to do this, when it could be at a government area, whitehouse, UN meeting place, or country area much easier to have security and such.......

    Now combine this w/ all the security law changes, the freedoms being removed, etc etc.

    If you awake to this, then as events and things come up in the future, you will have a good idea of what's happening, and know what to expect, and make informed decisions.

  • EndofMysteries

    (Up for consideration in the US, is a new law allowing government to shut down internet or block/censor much of it, because it's been so successful in china, and incase of a 'cyber' attack. )

    Can't count on always being able to use the internet. Or wait till in the middle of stuff to try to find answers. If it's not available then, then your gonna be stuck in the dark.

  • Rabbit

    E.O. Mysterious

    "It's okay asilentone, what your feeling is a mental guard / reaction. Same type of thing as when a JW is not mentally ready to know they been lied to, will just insist that the truth of the truth is apostate or a trick.

    There is no 'theory' here. The hard concerte evidence, statements, video, etc, there is no 'theory'. "

    So, you KNEW the Truth when you were a JW and now, since you 'saw thru that lie'...you now KNOW the Truth again...about the Bible...again. Notice any kind of pattern going on in your thinking? By the way, you sound like an intelligent guy. Just be careful tho' not to "...outwit your common sense." I heard that witticism in some new Country/Western song. It makes good sense.

  • asilentone

    EOM, I have made my decisions, now fuck off!

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