JWs pretended to be someone else at my door.

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  • Cagefighter

    I used to talk fast as a kid... it always came out "Joe's Witnesses"... LOL I was constantly being counseled about this.

  • mrsjones5

    The last time jws come to my door a couple of weeks ago the lead jw lady banged on my door and when I opened it to see who was there she opened with the question of was there any spanish speakers in my fourplex. No "Hi my name is so and so and this is my partner and we're jws birnging the good news to you and your neighbors", nothing like that.

    I wasn't feeling well and I knew exactly what she was so I didn't have a friendly look on my face and I replied no. She went on to say that she wanted to know because she was a jw. I didn't crack a smile, I was visibly unimpressed and replied that there were no spanish speakers among my neighbors in the fourplex.

    She then went on to ask if the apartment next door to mine was for rent, I said yes to that while thinking to myself that's all I freakin need - jw neighbors. She left after that.

    My kids asked how did I know she was a jw when I answered the door, I told them I could see the wt rags peeking out of her bag.

  • cantleave

    I used get the words "Jehovah's Witness" and "Bible" in my presentation as soon as I could - it got the door close quicker and meant no conversation ensued.

  • glenster
  • Finally-Free

    I remember doing shit like that. A CO suggested we all try that so that people would actually talk to us. It didn't help though. The doors just slammed in our faces after two sentences instead of one.


  • Mary
    Has anyone done that - as in following up the neighborhoods they leave their literature in with literature stating what it's really about?

    Absolutely. Over the years, there were all kinds of bizarre tactics they told us to try. Everything from only stating you were "Christian" to conducting a bible study with some unsuspecting soul at the door. This latter suggestion came from a really fanatical CO we had and it kinda made everyone in the Hall squirm. His brainiac idea was basically this: Go to the door and knock. When they come to the door, introduce yourself using your first name only and tell them (do not 'ask' them) that you want to share some information with them. You whip out [whatever literature is being offered that month] and read a few paragraphs. Ask them for their thoughts on it. If you can last 15 minutes then "you've just had a bible study and the person doesn't even know it!"

    Can you say "cult"?????


    I`m Old School..

    We always let the house holder know,who we were..

    Now you have to Trap a JW into telling you,who they are..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • Snoozy

    St Ann..I loved your comment. I think it is a excellent idea!


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    OKM December 1989

    4 When going from house to house, observe where there are children. Explain that you are doing a public service to help people cope with everyday problems. In these homes you may be able to speak with the children themselves. Point out an example of the practical counsel found in the book. Keep in mind that your goal is to help them see the truthfulness of Psalm 119:9.

    5 When you speak with a youth, be friendly and treat him with dignity. After an initial greeting, you may say: “I am engaging in a public service to help young people like you cope with the problems they face in this community. Do you ever find yourself being urged to do something you really don’t want to do? Or are you inclined to do things at times just because of what others are doing and not because of your own preference? Do you ever wonder how you can cope with such peer pressure?” After his response, open the book to chapter 9. Then say: “Please notice what this new publication says on page 77. [Read an appropriate paragraph.] Do you think a study of the Bible would help youths to cope with this problem? [Allow for a comment.] Note what the Bible says at Psalm 119:9. [Read.] This book shows you how the Bible can help young people cope with difficult situations, such as those listed in the contents. [Hand him the book.] It is yours for the contribution of $1.50.”

    I have had SDA try a similar line here in NZ.



  • Quentin

    It's been many years since I banged doors. I don't ever remember using any kind of introduction other than I am one of jw working in your neighborhood this....focus was on a bible scriptur to start the conversation, then lead up to placing the book....mag work was different, presentain was the wt and qawke....mag work was to be done quickly on Sat. Sun. being reserved for bible work then fobbing off whaterever book was being used...I am a jw or one of j christian witnesses...

    What is described here is new to me, but I stopped doing door to door around 1972 or so....

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