JWs pretended to be someone else at my door.

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Welcome MUN,

    It's not "lying", it's called "untruthing" or "theocratic warfare".

  • StAnn

    Untruthing? Is that a Bush-ism?


  • aniron

    An Elder I used to do field service with always introduced himself as a "Christian Minister, bringing Gods Word to people."

    If he was asked what "church" he was from, he would say "The local congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses."
    or on a couple of occassions he said he represented the "International Bible Students Association."

  • JWoods
    Untruthing? Is that a Bush-ism?

    Yes. It is accomplished by the use of a waterboard.

  • myusername

    That's a lot of replies for 2 hours. Thanks. I was raised in the 70s/80s, so this approach is new to me. IIRC, I used to identify myself as a Jehovah's Witness when they asked through the door. Although, I had no choice in going door-to-door, so I don't think I cared too much if they opened the door. One time when I was 14 I preached to a woman at the door whom eventually became a Jehovah's Witness (after others took over the study). I felt guilty to be the start of that because she had kids and, of course, their life paths were altered from this.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    "We are in your neighborhood today doing a volunteer work, helping our neighbors to understand world conditions from the Bibles point of view...." And if they GUESSED we are Jehovahs Witnesses I would act surprised "Why yes! Have to spoke to us before? Did you enjoy the conversation? Do you have any questions for us? Have you seen our latest publications?"

    Oh ugh blech...I just threw up in my mouth remembering what a nauseating fake ass holy person I was.

  • chickpea

    that tactic, concealing the fact it is a JW
    knocking at your door, was used at the
    KH i attended....

    hi i am so and so and this is my friend
    such and such and we are visiting your
    neighborhood as part of a volunteer
    effort to help people such as yourself
    find answers to some of life's most
    troubling questions.....


  • blondie

    Today the "suggested" introductions in the KM (4 every month), never say "Jehovah" only "God" and rarely use the words "kingdom" or "Jesus." They are taught to be deceptive, not to mention they are jws. I can remember flipflops from the COs, one saying to leave your bible in your bag and only have the magazines in your hand, and the next one saying to leave the literature in your bag but have the bible in hand open to a scripture. They would say not to admit you jws, saying "we are here doing a Christian work."

    Like they don't know who you are..............

    Then jws say that even when people deliberately don't answer the door because they see they are jws, that is a witness to Jah....

  • NiceDream

    Yes, we would have presentations saying we were neighbours that lived in the community or we were doing volunteer work.

    I'll never forget using a KM presentation on safety, placing it, and then accidently returning to the same house the following week. The lady was furious with me for coming across as a "volunteer" talking about saftey and then giving her a religious magazine. My husband suggested I could add the magazine was "Bible based" to my future presentations.

  • steve2

    Contrast that to the "old-time" JWs who would make a deliberate point of immediately saying to the householder: "Good morning. We are making a call on you today as Jehovah's Witnesses to talk about the good news of Jehovah God's kingdom".

    My grandparents who converted to the organization in the 1920s taught me to mention Jehovah's name because - according to the Watchtower's very firm view during the 1950s and 1960s, even if the householder is not interested I would still have borne witness to Jehovah's name and the "sorting" work would occur.

    Today's JWs are limp-mouthed, fragile legged and too fond of coffee breaks At least the old-timer JWs had spunk.

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