Why not make a true religion?

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I give up.

    Have fun.

    Love eachother.

    That's IT! You have FOUND the true faith RIGHT THERE!!!!

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    Seriously, bro. The key to it all is embodied in your quote.

  • poppers

    The mistake is in making a religion. Making a "true religion" would eventually lead to forcing everyone to join it, and then you'e end up with religious fascism. Those who refuse to join would be ostrasized, discriminated against, and eventually eliminated. Hitler would have loved it. Just look what people do in the name of their religion, especially when someone with delusions of power gets hold of it.

    You must differentiate between religion, especially a "true one", and spirituality - and who is to be trusted with the authority of determining what's "true" or not? One is rigid while the other is flexible and open. One is for the masses while the other is an individual journey. One is static and limiting while the other necessitates change as one sees reality more clearly through one's own eyes. One demands conformity in thinking while the other requires curiosity and exploration. One is divisive while the other is inclusive. So, are you really advocating a "true religion" or a means of spiritual growth? You can have spiritual growth without any religion at all, and no spiritual growth while practicing whatever religion you advocate.


    Don't take this the wrong way frigginconfused but your question seems a little naive. I mean seriously, what does "true religion" mean? You're checklist is one persons opinion. Maybe my opinon would include other things that you wouldn't agree with. At that point, your dream is dead. I think that whatever the true religion is would include humility. That's something that cannot be taught or enforced. Either you have it or you don't. Enforcement of "rules" is what most JW's complain about with the Org. anyway isn't it??? You see, I think that problems in a religion are inevitable but some people see "problems" as proof that the religion is false. True religion may also require submission to Authority simply because everyone may not agree. Now, to what authority? Who or what would be the Authority? Scripture Alone? Who's going to interpret it? We're right back in the same boat and around and round we go?


    BLACK SHEEP: I watched that video and it was very interesting to see. Thanks for sharing!

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