Why not make a true religion?

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  • frigginconfused

    With everthing Ive read here it seems like eeveryone has the attitude that they cant fix the WTS. Why havent you all joined together and made a declaration of independence? Why not fix it and make a true religion of peace and Jesus' message? Bitching does no one no good. Action gets results. There are enough people on here to do something about this.

    Your thoughts?

  • Razziel

    I'm sorry if I'm cynical, but I think after a post-WTS period of time with reflection and research, many of us have come to the conclustion that the term "true religion" is an oxymoron.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    We won't need to pay taxes either......... what about wardrobe? Robes? Capes? And what kind of hats would we need? Insted of churches I think meeting in caves would be cool. We need a leader we could trust also......

    you know what ..... to much work

  • leavingwt

    Please define the term, "true religion".

  • frigginconfused

    I was serious about this. Its plausible

  • Mythbuster

    K, you start.

  • inkling

    Herding cats comes to mind?

    Free thinking and rejection of conformity are generally considered valuable traits to those who are no longer JWs, and those very same qualities make it unlikely that we could or would even want to agree on enough to form (or join) a new religion together.

    For all the legitimate criticism leveled at doctrine and dogma, they are a hell* of a good way to get a bunch of people in a room to work in a unified way towards a common goal. However, some of us feel the price of such effective control is far to high.


    *sometimes literally, depending on the religion in question.

  • SacrificialLoon

    People have been trying to create a "true religion" for millennia.

    Problem is when dealing in matters of faith there is no way to test and falsify claims based on faith, so you can't prove another group is wrong, and that's when you have problems.

  • frigginconfused

    OK I will start.

    here is a chacklist Ive been working on...

    Checklist for the Governing Body of Jehovahs witnesses.

    1. Stop teaching things that are open to interpritation as fact.

    2. Focus mainly on Jesus' message.

    3. Change from an apocolyptic group to one focuses only on Gods love.

    4. Stop preaching door to door. Use whatever means neccessary to quickly dissemanate the message.

    5. Encourage open discussion. Questioning your teachings is not un-humble. It's our effort to not be mislead.

    6. Realize yours is a job of logistics. You were not appointed to feed us at the proper time. The bibles message is clear. The only intermediate between God and man is Jesus. You must take yourself out of the loop.

    7. Do not ever put down another religion to prove yours is right.

    8. Do not invalidate science to prove youre right.

    9. Realize that everyone is different. Some people are so aberated that if you were to try to teach them truth it would anger or confuse them. Those people need to be stabilized before any teaching can begin. The "Good Sumaritan Act" of helping people with their lives before trying to teach them Gods word is neccessary.

    10. Change the structure of a kingdom hall from a school setting to a true house of worship. The synigog when not in use should be used as a "town hall" and school. Seperate religious services focusing on meditation of God being real are needed to solidify him in our minds. A time of guided contemplation of God will enable us to truely form a bond with him.

    11. Women are to be treated as equal to men. They can hold any position a man can.

    12. To break up favoritism all persons considered for minersterial servants and elders have to go before a board specifically trained to choose those worthy. It is a conflict of interests for local elders to choose these things.

    13. To keep bias from tainting judicial commitees, disfellowshiping, or any serious descisions, local elders knowing any party involved must be excluded.

  • inkling
    here is a chacklist Ive been working on...

    Welcome to The Unitarian Church! Please take a seat wherever you would like


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