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  • Denial

    i dont know what's more funny: how pathetic you are, or how desperate you are.

  • Denial
  • WuzLovesDubs
    This is pretty damn sad BG. So you get her, you bang her...and then what bro?

    I just don't want to "bang" her. And who knows, there maybe a chance I could open her eyes about the watchtower.

    Would you have any interest at ALL in "saving" her if she wasnt "hot?"....I wish I had a dime for every time I heard THAT from a guy. LOL

  • restrangled

    Sorry buddy, you remind me of my own sons. Taken up with absolute stunning girls, only to be tortured by the same. My boys have dated some of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. They have slowly learned what mom was trying to tell them all along:

    There is an old saying...."Pretty is as pretty does" You will eventually learn that women or girls who are too pretty expect too much...this is where the word Diva started and some how became acceptable. (Diva is short for a spoiled, selfish, self absorbed ignorant brat)

    In general VERY pretty girls wind up being spoiled brats at your age, looking for the next guy while you are busy trying to make them happy.

    You can only learn this for yourself, I hope you aren't hurt too badly in the process.

    Keep this in mind: ..... any girl putting her picture out for the world to see, is looking for way more attention than you can possibly deliver.

    On another note....there is an entire ugly class for self absorbed males too. It just wasn't covered here.


  • streets76

    Two things to consider.

    1. A word to the wise from Mr. Jagger in Miss You:

    You know - girls will come and go -
    They're just like streetcars...

    2. "Show me a beautiful married woman and I'll show you a guy that's tired of fucking her." (Source forgotten.)

  • Twitch

    I certainly wouldn't fantasize about other woman if I were in a relationship.

    You lack real world experience; get there first and then tell us if you do or don't or more importantly, if your moral flag waves as high as it does now.

    MrsJones ain't a whore and your reasoning skills need work. See point #1

    What Restrangled said. The prettier the girl, the more she expects. How's your game these days? Got the looks, skills and money? Rare is one otherwise. Still, it might be a good lesson for ya; most of us have been there,...

  • asilentone

    I agree with Twitch.

  • Cagefighter

    I appears Blue Grass has left the building.

  • mrsjones5

    With his penis tucked between his legs

  • XPeterX

    What?She's hot and pretty?This means she is not spiritually strong because she focuses on the outside.(According to jw's)

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