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  • mrsjones5

    If you don't mind me asking have you ever cheated on your husband?

    No, I've never cheated on my husband. Your point?

  • millions now living are dead
    millions now living are dead

    Snoop Dog is like Shakespeare


  • sd-7

    Blue Grass, let me talk to you for a moment, man-to-man. You need to read my story. Understand that if you go back for a woman, you will pay dearly. You will suffer in ways you cannot imagine. If you even think about making a decision like this, you need to fully, completely, understand exactly what you are doing.

    I'll put it bluntly. As someone who chose that woman he thought was hot, and thought he could convince of the wrongness of the WT, this is a fool's errand, at best, and a suicide mission at worst.

    You will end up hurting someone a great deal if they learn that you don't believe in this religion. You don't want that responsibility on your conscience. It's a terrible thing.

    Here's how it will happen. She will be all in love with you, and then she will find out about your doubts. Then she will treat you like crap, turn you in so you can be iced by elders once more (if that's happened to you already, which I gather it has), then she will continue treating you like crap, while simultaneously appearing as this beautiful angel to the congregation who was 'victimized' by an apostate.

    Hey, I may be wrong--it's different for each person. But you're talking about flying through the teeth of the enemy. There are many, many hot women on the face of the earth. It may be advisable to examine other possibilities. In fact, it is strongly advisable. Don't make the same mistake I did, pal. I was that 24-year-old virgin at one time. Now, I'm a married man, married to the cult. Please, for the love of God, don't be fooled by hotness. Hey, it's great at first, but only at first. And 'at first' doesn't last very long.

    If you make it work, though, can you share pointers on how you did it? I'm not that great at this stuff, so I'm just speaking from my experience. I just...think you need to understand how serious this is.

  • RosePetal

    Thanks sd7 I was just going to say ''H E L P '' where is sd7, also agree with rest of advice given.


  • chickpea

    well, fantasy abounds

    if this young woman is as "hot" as
    you are indicating, then surely there
    is a queue of advanced age virgins
    formed well in advance of you, not
    to mention the older and wiser and
    financially stable divorced, widowed
    and "not raised in the truth so more
    expereinced in things that go bump
    in the night" brothers who might
    actually captivate her imagination
    (she might even be having HOT
    fantasies as well and if she is i
    can guarantee you they wont stop
    just because she says "i do")

    not assigning motive, maybe she is
    merely playing a charade about her
    spirituality and is planning her own
    escape and would be off-put by the
    mere notion of being a JW wife!

    hot cools, young jedi...
    even if you advance in this game,
    better hope there is more than
    a pretty face, cos an empty head
    and a shallow, "all about the looks"
    character can end up in bitterness...

    ETA: btw, i have a very active fantasy
    spiced sex life, and i have not been
    unfaithful once in 27 years, not even
    flirting with anyone other than my spouse...

    my 25 YO son might not take kindly
    the inference that someone is calling
    his mama a 'ho

  • mrsjones5

    Damn skippy Chickpea, neither would my husband.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I certainly wouldn't fantasize about other woman if I were in a relationship.

    Yeah ok. Then you're not a human being.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Seems like a pretty foolproof plan to me.

  • Cagefighter

    Bluegrass doesn't understand the reality of being in a long term relationship. Much less how to handle a partner's fantasies and temptations or his own which he should consider more if he ever is lucky enough to have one.

    He sounds like the same judgemental person most of us were as JW's. I personally think Bluegrass should go back, the KH is the only place were I think you will find a woman that believes having a normal fantasy makes her a whore.

    And you called me the chauvinist wife beater... LMAO.

  • StoneWall

    I say go for it Blue Grass.

    I see this as a win/win situation. If she is as "hot" as you say, then no doubt many others are already trying to sweep her off of her feet.

    If for some reason you are able to pass all these others up and work to the head of the line, that in and of itself is one win.

    Then if you work real hard for the organization,enough to garner her attention/affection to agree to marry you then chalk one more up on the win column. No longer a 24 year virgin.

    Then as time marches on, in a few years her looks might not be as stunning as they once were and you have gotten older and realized you gave some of the best years of your life to the organization. But hey you at least scored with a real beauty.

    Then as more time passes maybe you two have some kids. No birthday parties, X-mas presents, getting to hang out with other kids like them at the school football games etc. But hey a lot of witness kids have to endure that so what, right. Who cares about the emotional and mental trauma this may cause the kids. Cause you know why? It don't matter you scored with their mother when she was a real hottie.

    Then after many years on down the road when your kids grow up and are pioneering instead of going to college like other kids their age, and still telling people of the world how close we are to the end, your wife can have a big beaming smile knowing they are pleasing Jah and not just selling books and gathering money for the org.

    Then much later, when and if you get tired of all the Pro-WT,Pro-Organization hoopla, you can always come back to a forum like this and tell them something similar to what sd-7 is telling you now. That would be a win for the board at the time because many of us will by that time have moved on with our lives or have died by then. So maybe some will listen to your tale at that time but others will not. Still it will be an interesting story for the ones who read it.

    Remember it is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.

    But....count the cost ahead of time and think if you are willing to pay the price that will affect your family. That is if you can't show her the errors of her ways.

    Anyways whatever your decision, wishing you the best.

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