Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 06-13-10 WT Study (HOLY SPIRIT)

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    Thank you so much Blondie for posting this and for all you do!

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  • whereami

    Marked for future "light".

  • OnTheWayOut

    14 What does this explanation mean to us? Although we cannot measure the exact length of “this generation,” we do well to keep in mind several things about the word “generation”: It usually refers to people of varying ages whose lives overlap during a particular time period...

    So, what is that "particular time period" ? With the overlap doctrine now in place, ask that of a JW. When Jesus said "this generation," what did he evidently mean by "this" and by "generation" ?

    WTS floats out their slick meaningless piling on to distract us from the overlap section. To stretch ridiculously and use their definition, they are playing the same game Bill Clinton played with the definition of the word "is." They sneak in this definition and even I focused on the word "overlap." But I want to know, "What is the particular time period?" What is significant about it? They are pointing to some time decades after 1914 and it may be the 1970's or slightly before that. It may be the 1990's or slightly after that. It may be the whole time period of my lifetime so far- the 60's through 2010. It may be something else. What time is the overlap?

    Watch out for clarification on that. I can imagine it will have to do with the "organization." The birth of the Governing Body in the 1970's would not be the time, for they would have to admit there was no such thing before that. It may be the testing period around 1980 when Jehovah was seeing if His younger anointed were ready to handle the reigns and had to clean house. Maybe some new scrolls will explain it, or some contact from the 1914 anointed as they communicate with Jesus and the faithful slave.

    Just some thoughts.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Didn't the Israelite "generation" that disregarded Joshua and Caleb "pass away" in the 40-year trek in the wilderness?Wasn't that the intent of God's puishment? ..... does that provide some idea of what "generation" refers to in the Bible? .... hmmmmm....

  • designs

    Remember we are dealing with Time Lords.

    Watch out for the Tardis in a neighborhood near you

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Couple of interesting observations from the meeting I attended:

    1 - As others have commented, the opening song about the "light getting brighter" was blantant and set the stage. I thought, "wow, they wrote a song to be sung everytime they change something"! Guess it will be sung quite a bit.

    2 - The WT conductor was gearing up right at the beginning. When he asked the question regarding the change in generation, no one had their hand up. Reluctantly, one of the elders raised his hand to answer. Stammering, he put it out there. Then, followed up with an illustration of his own. He said, that his grandfather fought in WWI and his life overlapped with his grandfather's for about 15 years. So, he was able to learn from him and knew what type of person his grandfather was and some of what he experienced. Same with the annointed who were old enough to recognize the sign of 1914 and the annointed who came along a little later. It's an accurate description of what the WTS is saying, BUT, would anyone claim to be the same generation as your grandfather???? Uh, it renders the word generation useless.

    3. The WT conductor really hammered on the point that was brought out in the CO talk but missing from the explaination in the WT where the WTS is saying that the annointed old enough to witness the events of 1914 and recognize the sign are the beginning part of the "generation". The CO specifically mentioned Franz who was born in the late 1800s and was a young adult when 1914 came around and already baptized and thus "annointed". So, the WTC used the same illustration and held up a piece of paper. Then, he said that many on the GB were annointed prior to Franz dying and personally knew him so that their lives overlapped. A second piece of paper was held up. He made sure to then say that the two parts of the generation didn't run consecutively so that their was two entire lifetimes but concurrently, overlapping for some period and then the final part going on a little longer. He said it was a significant change because it meant the end was closer since some of the annointed will be on earth for the great tribulation.

    4. Much was made of the other changes. The number of partakers was discussed at length and the WTC said that that really didn't matter because the overlapping was only for those who were already annointed when the first part of the generation was still here.

    5. My wife, who never leaves for the bathroom during the middle of the meeting, left for the discussion?! We haven't talked WTS stuff in a long time but she was clearly uncomfortable because she knew this made no sense whatsoever. I decided to not bring it up but rather let her mull it over for a few days. I would rather her bring it up so it doesn't look like I'm picking on the WTS.

    It's obvious that they're grasping at straws. Clearly a direct reading of Matthew shows Jesus said that all this stuff would happen in his disciples lifetimes. And, some of the apostles survived to see Jerusalem destroyed. So, if you think it has a second meaning, logic would dictate a similar pattern. So, instead of admitting that the "composite sign" didn't start in 1914 (thus making the appointment as the faithful and discreet slave in their theology a point in the future and taking away the whole "God's organization" claim), they decide to reword what Jesus said.

    They have to revive a sense of urgency because the change in 1995 had the effect of removing the end from something that could happen tomorrow to something that will happen sometime in the future. This change bought them maybe 20 years? Of course, it doesn't make any sense but the WTC did his best to sell it. He's a bright guy and did a good of trying to make it fit. But, there was an air of uneasiness and afterward only one person made metion of it to me and he said he would need to reread it because his head was spinning.

  • designs

    The Rapture Train is almost pulling into the Station its just a little late, keep checking your watches every five years its coming

  • WTWizard

    For starters, it only details a purpose for an organization. Jehovah does not give a fxxx what happens to you. He only cares about the organization, and its well-being. To hell with you and your well being.

    The article itself details the same crap as all others do. It again starts with Adam and Eve, and rambles in the same path toward the end of the Millennial Reign. How many other Washtowel articles that are not directly commanding people to do something do the exact same thing?

    There is also the mention of "fornication, homosexuality, adultery" in paragraph 11. Notably, it omitted idolatry, which is listed among those "offenses". Don't believe me? Just look up 1Corinthians 6:9-10 in any Bible (including their own), and there it is, in context. Now that I brought idolatry into the mix, what is the most blatant form of idolatry? Yup, blind obedience to the object you are idolizing. If your idol tells you something is a certain way, you will automatically believe it regardless of proof otherwise. It seems odd that the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger here fails to mention idolatry among "unclean acts".

    Until, that is, you reach "a generation". The paragraph most of the witlesses has been waiting for is embedded in the middle of this garbage. The Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger renders "a generation" as those whose lives intersect with those who saw 1914, and in particular the "anointed". Of course, they use the weasel word "evidently" to qualify this. Now, where in the Bible do you find evidence (let alone proof) that Jesus meant this? If there is no reasonable proof that Jesus meant this, yet you are blindly believing it now (and were not believing it until you saw this paragraph), you are in fact committing idolatry! If you are not blindly believing it (hence, committing idolatry), you are in for an all-expense paid trip to the back room after the boasting session.

  • jgnat

    I promised myself I'd link my latest comment to Blondie's study. I see Undisfellowshipped did me one better, and listed he major generation threads! Here's where I posted lately.

    Blondie, I'm so glad you are here doing this sort of service. I think you help exiting witnesses learn to critically examine.

  • undercover

    This entire article is straight from the standard WT playbook...

    Create an article on how Jevhovah uses his Holy Spirit to direct his purpose/plan/whatever through his Earthly Organization...the very organization that printed the magazine you're reading. As you get more than half way through with the point that this is God's organization frimly planted in your head and your brain numbed to the point of not being able to think, they drop the bomb of a new/changed teaching.

    Because this article is stressing how Jehovah is using the bOrg, this little 2 paragraph mention of a major change falls on zombified brains and most dubs don't even notice it. And if they do happen to notice it, they don't question because, hey... Jehovah is using the WTS to instruct them of this "new light".

    Those critical of the WTS, namely us, have focused on just these two paragraphs because we instantly saw the major significance of this change. We look for these things. The everyday dub is too braindead to see through the cloak veiling the real message in the article.

    More indications of what a cult this organization is...

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