Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 06-13-10 WT Study (HOLY SPIRIT)

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    Great job as always, Blondie. Though I can stomach skimming these articles, I don't notice half the stuff that you do. You've definitely taught me to look for uh, what we might call Jesus' "invisible presence"--that is, a largely absent Jesus--in these articles. He is mentioned in there, but he gets overlooked quite a lot.

    But in particular, you brought to my attention their mention of "this magazine" as the "primary channel for dispensing spiritual light." If this is true, then the Bible MUST be either (1) another 'primary channel' though not mentioned as such in this case or (2) a secondary channel. Either one of those possibilities presents a clear implication, which is really quite explicit--The Watchtower possesses EQUAL or GREATER authority than THE BIBLE. Okay. Well at least I know what I'm working against, here.

    But the setup for this change was brilliant--smoke & mirrors all the way. God must be running the show in our religion, 'cause he's doing so in heaven! Uh...yeah...

    If we assume the most naive assumption on this change, it still only buys maybe 40 reasonable years, tops. And by that time, it would seem implausible unless there is some clarifying explanation, as OntheWayOut said, as to when the overlap begins. Requiring a complete departure from even a hint of Bible evidence. But the Israel-in-the-wilderness parallelism would work--could reboot "this generation" at 1954 or so. Close enough to that Sputnik thing they were thinking about. Could work--at least goes reasonably beyond the lifetime of the current GB.

    All in all, nice thread--satisfying as always.

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    Blondie, thanks so much for your effort in putting this together.

    Undercover, man I was thinking exactly the same thing. Exactly.

    The deviousness in paragraphs 13 & 14 staggers me:

    "holy spirit is at work in bringing Bible truths to light"

    "This magazine has long been the primary channel for dispensing increased light."

    "keeping up with advancing light....following the leadings of the holy spirit."

    And was holy spirit at work, dispensing "increased light" when the WT magazine said (in 1995) that the generation was wicked people who failed to mend their ways?

    How could it possibly have been, when that interpretation was completely contradicted by the next interpretation (in 2008) which said that the generation was "anointed Christians" ?

    Each time the Watchtower Society changes a doctrine, they claim (directly or indirectly) that it is an "increase of light" from God via his holy spirit. The fact that this supposed "increase of light" CONTRADICTS what was previously heralded as an "increase of light" is not mentioned.

    It seems to me that being a Jehovah's Witness means believing one of two things: either that God (via his "holy spirit") tells lies and contradicts himself; or that the GB lies when they claim to be revealing "increased light" under the direction of the holy spirit.

    I challenge any JW to show me how this is not the case.

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