What does Jesus do all day anyway?

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  • streets76

    Watching and waiting until the time is right

    Open letter to Jesus:

    Dear Jesus,

    The time is right! Repeat, the time is right!



  • RubaDub

    Keepin the Boss happy.

    Rub a Dub

  • jaguarbass

    One thing Jesus does and this is whether he is real or not, is he comes to the down trodden and gives them

    hope of a better day, a better tomorrow. We all have to die and if we got the shitty end of the stick in this

    life he gives people hope of a better existence after this one.

    Christians believe Jesus is God. If you are having a very difficult time in life and you read the Psalms

    you will find inspiration and wisdom. Jesus is that inspiration and wisdom. Jesus is what holds this

    world together.

    Jesus was the human manifestation of God, now that he has gone back to the spirit realm, I doubt he is

    sitting around like a man. And we, man, do not understand or know the ways of God.

    This is a JW board, and JW's have a corrupted, unbiblical understanding of Jesus. The NWT is altered

    by hypocrites who were not the scholars they claimed to be.

    Many people that really belive in Jesus are the meek, the down trodden, the people that are

    willing to work for a living and enjoy the simple things in life. These people are exploited by

    materialistic demonic people who exploit them and confound their attempts to enjoy their life.

    Jesus comes to these child like ones.

    To come to Jesus and be blessed by him, you have to humble yourself.

    Questioning what Jesus does all day is not very humble, if your mind set is haughty and unhumble

    you probably will not understand or appreciate what Jesus does or who he is.

    The preaching of the cross is foolishness to those that are perishing.

    Maybe he only comes as a thought, maybe he only comes as words from a book, but he

    helps these child like ones to keep on keeping on.

    And whether these child like ones believe in Jesus or not, the demonic bastards are going

    to exploit and enslave them.

    Would it make you happy to take Jesus away from the laborer in the field or the

    man digging the ditch or putting on a roof in the hot sun?

    Would it make you happy to take Jesus away from the prisoner in the jail, who is trying to

    turn his life around by reading Jesus words in the bible?

    Or are you just trying to take Jesus away from those lives who are so leisurely and compfortable

    that they have plenty of time to deconstruct who Jesus is like peeling a way the skin of an onion?

    Or are you just yourself trying to understand who Jesus is?

    So even if Jesus is only a concept, he helps the humble and meek to keep on trucking.

    But there are a lot of people that say he is much more than a concept.

    And not many of them are going to be posting on this board.

    This is not a Jesus board it is a JW board and they dont know very much about Jesus.

  • finallysomepride

    The answer is in every episode of Bro Town, check it out

  • PSacramento

    I hear he is a mean football player and supports Portugal in the world cup.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty
    Does this make him a hapless bureaucrat with his hands tied until he get's the go-ahead from upstairs?

    Good statement. Have you noticed that xtians are taking a new tactic to question's that those of us who dont believe pose?

    Please dont get me wrong I am not trying to crap on your faith, if you have an earnest belief in jesus and the healing power that belief has in your life, I am happy for you and wish you the best.

    But, some of the reasoning xtians use to justify his existance or activity in there life is taking on a fanciful outlook. I hate to use a dub phrase but it goes beyond the things that are written. Its like all of a sudden the bible is not enough, they have to fill in the gaps with personal interpretation to make it fit into the realm of reality. Its like when you listen to a child explain something. You know the commercial for chez-its where the lil girl is explaining how they get all the cheese in and have the big ball of cheese rolling over this lil cracker? Thats seems to me how xtians are explaining there faith. The bible tells us how holy spirit comes on people and how xtians are spose to act, but they need to go a lil further into themselves and their own interpretation, when certain questions are raised.

    To say that when you do good work or give gifts of charity in jesus name opens the door for him to work thru you is...well dumb. You are just a good person doing good for others. Look at bill gates and all the donation's he has made, thats a good person doing good for his fellow man.

    Look at a tobacco company that makes donations to a lung cancer foundation, that's a company doing research to keep there customers alive a lil longer.

    Here is a key secret that I believe most xtians miss in life...People can (and do) do good for goodness sake! Not for reward, not to activate the Jesus super power in their life, Just for the sake of doing good cause its the right thing to do.

  • sir82

    He sits in a small room filled with electronic equipment, with headphones on, listening to millions of JW prayers, waiting for the "magic phrase" at the end.


    Ah! There it is!

    "....in Jesus' name...amen"

    OK, they got the right area code, I'll go ahead and patch that transmission on up to dad....

    Next prayer starts....listening...listening...listening...



    So even if Jesus is only a concept, he helps the humble and meek to keep on trucking.

    What you are describing is auto suggestion. It's worth google-ing:

    "To be convinced of its reality one has but to take a glance at the history of ideas and especially of religious ideas. The amulets and charms of savage men owed what efficacy they possessed to the fact that they were the symbols of an inner mental state, the objects to which the desire or yearning could attach itself — in a word, they were auto-suggestions done into wood or stone.

    With the rise of polytheism, auto-suggestion takes the form of dreams or even of self-induced hallucinations in which the god appears and says the redeeming and saving word to the suppliant. And when we rise still higher, what is the goal of the ancient Vedantist philosophy of India, the union of the individual ego or soul with Brahman, the cosmic Divine essence, what is the Neo-platonic ecstasy in which the soul flees from earth and time and becomes a citizen of the eternal world.

    What are the transcendental visions of Swedenborg, his angels and demons, heavens and hells — what are these but elaborate and profound auto-suggestions? Nor has the Christian religion left this element in the psychical organism unaffected. Some of the phenomena of the Apostolic age, such as "the speaking with tongues," are to be thus psychologically explained."

  • jaguarbass

    Gladiator, at the least Jesus is auto suggestion.

    When I escaped the tower in 83. I reprogramed myself with silva mind control which is a self hypnotism.

    The reprogramming was successfull in a lot of ways.

    But I digress.

    If at the least Jesus is auto suggestion, there can be a lot of benefits.

    If hes more than auto suggestion there can be more benefits.

    Myself, I have found in this journey I am on that a certain amount of self deception and delussion can

    be benefical to a better more enjoyable life. One of the secrets of the universe is to harness the power

    of delusion.

    Truth is not the path to health and happiness. Placebos are very effective in medical treatments.

    And many studies show that individuals that believe in God are happier than those who do

    not believe in God.

    Sceptics, synics and rationalist may not be as smart as they think they are.

  • thetrueone

    Hard to tell heaven is a long way from here, I can understand why he does want to return to earth too soon,

    the last time he was here he got beat up pretty badly. Humans are some mean cruel bastards at times.

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