Who Are Your Past Circuit Overseers? It's a small world..

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  • life is to short
    life is to short


    Richard Holland

    Don Grabher

    Wasyl Siolkowski

    John Boker

    David Madsen is our current DO. I asked him about why pedophiles are hidden in the truth, he was adamant that we must protect Jehovah's name above anything else but he did mail me this underground letter that someone at Bethel gave him but he made me swear not to give it our show it to anyone including CO's very strange I still have the letter of course. I did turn around and mail it to all the CO's and many other high ups after I learned even more about the hiding of child rapist.

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    Larry, Mo, Curly

  • blondie
  • FreeAtLast1914





    There are more. Just can't remember them right now.

  • mentallyfree31

    Sam Roberson - I forgot about him. We had him also.

    Here's a couple of more that served in this region: Frank Barr (thin white guy around 60 years old) and Br. Bicht (pronounced Bickt)


  • mentallyfree31

    Thanks Blondie for the links.


  • SnakesInTheTower

    Andy Cole was full of himself. He got DF reportedly for going after a bible study...LOL. I heard he is now reinstated but, obviously, no longer a PO. I think he attended MTS in St. Louis (not in my class, prior class).

    Illingsworth... he was one of my MTS instructors (somewhere I have a pic of him with his feet up on his desk reading SportsIllustrated. (Manera was the other instructor... he wore old out dated suits but had the gall on the last day of class to counsel me on the threadbare nature of mine...hell, I was wearing the same 3 suits 6 days a week for 8 weeks..what did he expect)> Illingsworth was good to me.

    Hardesty.... responsible for pressuring the local BOE in Alton, IL to remove me as a MS and Regular Pioneer. He later apologized when he was wrong about me...but refused to get the decision reversed.

    Mel Branam... was one of 2 CO's in the country that had a coach bus as their mobile home.... was one of the two instructors in my pioneer school in Springfield, IL back around 1987. I talked to him and his wife at a DC in Kansas a few years ago...he retired (went off the road) as a CO....reports of the stoke were mistaken... stress was causing his troubles...which disappeared when he quit CO. One of the few CO's that I loved as a human being.

    Michael Emilio....single Italian CO...was in the first class of MTS (he is in a pic in the Proclaimers book). I got along with him fine and he was likely responsible for breaking the log jam on my MTS application. (local secretary was blocking it with a bad grade on the ap). He served the English circuit in IL 6 before moving on to Italian circuits up the east coast.

    Les Bailey...we got along great...but he did not do anything about the problems in the congos...talked a good game.....he went out to Colorado...then got sick or had a heart attack.... heard he was in CA now... not sure if still in circuit work.

    Dan Walke....ditto

    Bob Hartman.....single CO in Alaska... DO in the states quite a few years later (around 84...I remember because he gave me a HS graduation card).... he used to come to our house on his Mondays off and hang out.

    Harley Breneman.... didnt know him well...but a pioneer sister in our congo was sweet on him.

    who was the CO that was selling phone service (ACN) that got booted? (I am too lazy to look up my prior posts...good sign that I am forgetting these names)

    I will think of more I am sure...

    Snakes (Rich )

    edited to add...I forgot about Goff...he encouraged me to go to MTS...and Koinjevich (sp?) got tired of seeing me as the only on showing up at the MTS meeting at CAs....

  • isaacaustin

    William Samuelson

    Angelo Catanzaro

    Robert Hurst

    George Warienchuk

    Danny Bowles (died)

  • techdotcom

    Andy Cole I remember but honelstly I stopped paying attention to who they were.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    John Magnusson Great person

    We had a CO by the name of Magnusson in the early 80's. Not sure if he was the same guy.

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