Who Are Your Past Circuit Overseers? It's a small world..

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  • sooner7nc

    Manera and Ranier sound familiar Wischuck

  • mentallyfree31

    Rainer sounds familiar to me also. And Mendenhall was my DO one time.

    Another DO we had was Goff.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Mendenhall became a DO? He was a CO when I was a kid. I remember him as being very businesslike and never taking any time to talk to anyone but the elders. Casper, on the other hand, always met with the children after the meeting on Tuesday and gave us questions for research to answer for him on Thursday, Saturday morning at the meeting for service, or on Sunday. He was a truly kind and gentle spirit. I heard he left the CO work; wonder if he was just too good a guy and the hassle and cognitive dissonance of being a CO was too much.

  • AudeSapere

    On the east coast in the 70's: The Langley's, Athley Block and wife, Jim and Renate Pellachia.

    One the West Coast in the 80's: The Weidener's, Paul Sekela and wife.

    Can't remember the others. I think it's good that my mind has moved on.


  • not a captive
    not a captive

    Burge, Purini, Wm. Goram

  • chickpea

    chuck(?)valorz, just before we
    drank the kool-aid or so i was
    led to believe and i was too
    much of a n00b to catch the
    name of the guy who was CO
    when we first attended....

    i can see him in my mind's eye
    and hear him telling me that
    "you're never going to win an
    argument with a trinitarian"

    after that, in no particular order:

    robert and annie burdge

    mark and jan spencer

    archie and mary datok

    just as we were leaving a
    japanese-american CO named
    tommy (last name starting with Y)

  • Scott77

    All you guys and gals rocks! You recalls some of the C.Os not so with me.

  • shamus100


  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    East Coast - Don't remember a lot of 1st names and some were/are DO's

    Conti, Anthony Decinti, Filisbino, Frank Hanz, Frager, Bartell, Everett Rodrigues, Bargeron, Frank Furtado, Cook, Christos Ismalitis, Thompson/Thomas (Don't remember)

    I'll edit this if anyone else comes to mind

  • EndofMysteries

    Crisis of Conscience, Thompson.....I know he was a District Overseer, lived at the Assembly Hall in PA years ago. Nice guy

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