Who Are Your Past Circuit Overseers? It's a small world..

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  • St George of England
    St George of England
    i'm on the Isle of Wight, England, UK.

    Our new C.O. is from the Isle of Wight. Maybe you know him BigMac, Philip Rose.


  • tiki

    Gilbert & Eunice Kenney - probably late 60's

    MAtt & Eva Krzyanowski

    Rudy & Jetha Sunal (bio sister of Karl Adams)

    Tony DeCinti - hated pets....the sister that had to forego service with him because she had a dying animal to take to the vet....oh the horrors.....

    Anthony Conti - the New World .....you look around and you wonder 'where's.....Toooonnnnnyyyy'

    there was a Johnson, an African-American....

    there was the guy who came across as really dumb and his wife was a total embarrasment because of her extreme pancake makeup and stuff.....

    We had JR & Priscilla Brown - I really loved them.....then he got called back to Bethel......he was fun....gave some pretty off-beat scenarios of the future.

    Rokos - really super guy. Understood real people - the working class....his wife was in serious need of psychiatric help.

    Someone earlier mentioned Dave Crispin....he is a very nice person. His brother John is another story. That man comes across as so nasty.....

    Then there was Bob & .....what was her name.....Suiter.....they were young and way cool when I knew them....in the late 70's.

    For DO's I recall Samuelson - his wife was Angela - very nice pair. George Condilis from Phillie LOVE LOVE LOVE. Had a Beigler? Ruggles is another name I remember, and I remember back in the 50's Ed Dunlop....yup, the very same.....

    Lyle Reusch someone mentioned - remember him.....and someone had a big blurb about Richard Leighton which was very interesting to me. He was a local barber before he left for the circuit work.

    One of the last ones before my demise was some wise-arse....this guy was just so obnoxious. he would come in and get up there and make fun of the congregation and people - it was just so unnecessary and immature of him. insulting also.. have a little respect for the peeps dude.

  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    Infantino stands out in my mind. New England area

  • tiki

    forgot - John & Grace Casino.........she was always cold and always playing with KH thermostats. And insisting the sisters wear pantyhose 24/7 even in 100% humidity 90 degree plus summer weather. They loved Chinese food............................and travel..........and people to pay for it...........

  • Brother of the Hawk
    Brother of the Hawk

    Dazed: Omg Gene and shirley fields. We loved them :) he was our co in Cali. Then briefly our DO in Colorado before being reassigned to some Bethel facility.

    I do have 1 thing to thank Gene Fields for. He was one of the instructors at my pioneer school and because of him humiliating me in front of everyone. It made me go do some research and discovered he was WRONG! Then it is what first made me first question how can men like him be given so much power? Then he went into our cong. Removed our beloved P.O and put a foul-mouthed tyrant in the position and asked the cong. to PRAY for the changes HE made so that they work out and go smoothly.


    Pioneer school was a gift I was looking forward to. Well I did learn a few things. I learned how to be humbled publically by the CO. You see the day before; during lunch it was my turn to give my exp. as to how I started pioneering. I mentioned how I prayed to Jehovah (Out loud) if he could make things work out so that I could start sooner, I would start sooner. I was planning to quit my job on the fall of the next year to pioneer, but I desired so much to start sooner, so that was my prayer.

    The next morning after opening prayer this CO made it a point before class began to state that it was wrong to pray and ask Jehovah, "If you do this, than I will do that." He said it was putting God to the test. Now, I ask you all, couldn’t that have been done in private?

    Affectionately Brother of the Hawk

  • goatshapeddemon

    Bill Adams was the worst - a truly despicable man. His wife was just as bad. My moms bible study asked her not to bring her back again.

    We had Gorham - his wife was wonderful. I hear they got kicked off the road...?

    My brother had Craig Smith - he was a good man and was good to my brother.

    My area was where COs came to retire, LOL. Lots came off the road and stayed.

  • gma-tired2

    Danny boy mentioned WayneKnott, I knew him when I was still in my teens. Nice guy back then but definetly not a CO. I remember Kite and Roth

  • MrFreeze

    Late to this party but I know all of the CO's you mentioned 2 years ago drew sagan.

    I liked Raneer (Raineer, can't really remember how to spell that one either). I was pretty young when he was CO but he seemed nice enough and not over-bearing.

    We didn't have Mosier (Mosher, don't know how it was spelled) for very long. His wife died while he was our CO. His wife was always sick so we usually had fill-ins.

    You are totally spot on about Leighton. He was miserable.

    The one right after Leighton was pretty good. Can't remember his name. He would give us Bible riddles or pose questions in the groups for field service. Eventually the DO told him he had to stop doing that for some reason. Something about only discussing stuff that helps our ministry. We would usually get really good conversations going in the car groups. You could tell how upset it made him that they wouldn't let him do that anymore.

    The one we had after that was even worse than Leighton. Can't remember his name. He was a small creepy looking fellow, like something out of Nazi Jewish propaganda. I was due to give the public talk after him and he said that he wasn't going to let me give the public talk if I didn't cut my hair. My hair wasn't even that long.

    The last CO I had was Chris Roumayah. Very young CO. Was single. His mother traveled with him. He did get married while he was our CO but I never met his wife. He also wore a toupee. He was a nice enough CO. Very approachable. Huge sports fan. He loved to play basketball and would get brothers in the circuit together for games. He did my pioneer school. His was a pretty good public speaker (as most CO's are) but he was probably my favorite.

  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    Nardolillo (sp?) conducted my pioneer class. Wonder how many are still in.

  • stillin

    Bob Simons, compassionate, people-oriented. Good guy

    Leroy Langan, company man, friendly, aloof.

    Will Gorham, first circuit here, naive, wish more were like him, tho.

    dennis Raftopolis, the real deal from the days when people loved the org.

    don Breaux, didn't mind sneaking a beer in pre-assembly work.

    samuelson...tried to be in touch. Give him points for that.

    rokus, not too popular with elders, but gave meaningful talks

    Allen, a suit

    Cook, a suit

    a bunch of other stuffed shirts and lard-asses

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