which are the strong points of the WT?

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  • mentallyfree31

    Quandry - I just want to restate something: I HATE this cult. I really do.


    But honestly, those are some of the things that made me say "Yeah, but...." a few times before I gave in and researched my doubts.



    Hey, choosing to be a pacifist is a wonderful thing and I would applaud anyone who can walk that path.

    That said, I feel that the requirement that one mustn't join the military has absolutely no basis as the bible gives no indication that one should not join.

    Some people choose not to drink [for numerous reasons,] and that's a wonderful thing, but to say that you mustn't drink to get salvation has no basis in scripture. The same can be said for the requirement of no military service.


  • diamondiiz
    They are Jehovah's People in this time!

    Hard to say what are good points about them since they're so bloody fake.


    Thats like asking..

    What are some of the good points of a House on Fire?..

    A House Fire is good.. Because..

    It keeps people who pass by,Warm..

    You don`t need Street Lamps to see the Sidewalk..

    It provides Firemen and Paramedics with a Job.

    You don`t have to Worry about Making your Bed in the morning.

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • Scott77


    I will not say that the WTS is a family-orientated christian organisation but they are not. They destroy families. They have unwitingly turned the whole members into genea pigs for scientists to experiment on non blood tranfusion treatment in the name of Faithfullness to a wrongly interpretated doctrine. Sigh

  • freydo

    As for transliteration of names - can you think of one single world leader who's had their name changed into other languages so that it has no similarity to the sound in it's native tongue?


  • debator

    Hi freydo

    You use the best example in Jesus. There isn't much resemblance between Yahushuah (pronouced more like Joshua) and then also under Godly inspiration in greek it became Iesous completely different sounding in pronouciation and not a single biblical quibble about it. That site you put up is putting an Unbiblical expectation on Jesus's name. If the Bible itself has no propblem using transliterated names from one language to another why should we?

  • teel
    Hey, choosing to be a pacifist is a wonderful thing and I would applaud anyone who can walk that path.

    You know that JW's reject the term "pacifist"? They say they are not pacifists, because they happily look forward to God's war (sic from the awake), and for a true a pacifist any kind of war is wrong. Awake '97 may 8, page 22.

    In fact it's quite funny how the WTS tries to escape from any kind of label on them: they're not pacifists, they're not fundamental, they're not neo-protestant, and they're definitely not a cult. They want to appear so different from everything else in the world, that they escape classification.

  • freydo

    dabatir - "If the Bible itself has no propblem using transliterated names from one language to another why should we?"

    Which corrupted and adulterated version that either renders divine names meaningless or eliminates them entirely?

  • debator

    Hi freydo

    I'm talking about the original written books by moses, john, mathew, Paul etc. We know these were written in at least 3 different languages Ancient hebrew, Aramaic, Greek. Would you consider "Iesous" the Greek version of Jesus a currupted version, which Paul used?

    That site won't tell you but the earliest form of Jesus it has which is "Yahushuah" is also a transliteration version because that is from Hebrew but the Bible was written in the vowelless Ancient hebrew. As people know Ancient Hebrew didn't use vowels in it's written language but when ancient hebrews look at those words they still knew how to pronounce them (YHWH literally was Gods written name completely). They knew the sound that went with the consonants without writing them. But 500 years on they had forgotten these and so put pointers on the words indicating the vowels but these pointers were only best guess and not the original sounds. It is the pointer marks that they obscured for Jehovah and what people take names from but these are not original themselves but later additions.

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